Thursday, July 7, 2011


I haven't posted any project updates lately so I thought I would show and tell today.

Recently I was rummaging through a bag of projects and I came upon this half crocheted blanket. I believe it was begun in 1999 or 2000 and I completely forgot about it. The project languished in a Wal-mart bag, one of the old blue Wal-mart bags so you know it was old. Nearly destined to be discarded or left forever in a closet until it petrified. Only to be discovered a thousand years in the future by archaeologists and used as confirmation that our society was totally incompetent and lazy. Now I just couldn't handle being the one to give the 21st century a bad rep for future generations I have decided to finish it off.

The blanket was one of my very first crochet projects. I quickly learned that a small crochet needle =tedium when one hopes to crochet an afghan. Rather than discard the blanket I think I will complete the project, now that I am a more accomplished crocheter (is crocheter a term...doesn't seem like it, oh well). I now have several crochet awards (given to me by myself, just now in my imagination) and am world renowned for my ability to crochet a very basic to mid -level scarf---watch out!

project 1
Rescued afghan

Next I have been trying my hand at the challenging (perhaps a major overstatement) world of crocheting dishrags. My mother and I are preparing a bunch of stuff for sale at a local small business. I imagine that I will also sell some at our shop, so look for those as well.

wash cloths
Wash cloths

Finally I made Cordelia another pinafore smock top from One Yard Wonders. I think the entire project took me 2 hours and that includes the time spent picking up all of the bobbins that Cordelia poured on the floor and a phone conversation with Ben.

Pinafore Smock Top

I tried to get Cordelia to model her new duds and she preferred to put a skirt over her head and sob. She may end up a theater major, heaven help us!

Cordelia prefers to dress herself

I have also been making some awesome twirly scarves, a re-purposed dress, and awesome jokes. What projects have you been working on lately?


Kate said...

EAK! That top could be a dress! An you could sell some in your shop! And I could buy one! Just saying. I've been watching a {much cleverer} friend of mine sew for me while our kids played. Does that count? Sigh. I have big ideas and no abilities.

affectioknit said...

The afghan will be awesome - I love the colours...Cordelia's smock is so cute!

Emily said...

That dress is super cute! Try some reverse psychology on Cordelia and act like you don't want her to model it, then perhaps she will!

Susan S said...

She's cute even with her pouty face on.

Anonymous said...

I have been desperately trying to get working on some projects but I have been so busy this week with out of town guests and our move! On my list are -totem knit sweater -oliver and s red riding hood -mommy and me aprons- doll dress- boy kimono pjs- log cabin quilt!

:) Love the pinafore dress. So precious! oh and my DD is the same way at times when it comes to modeling. Oh the drama! Haha.

Kate said...

Emily's reverse psychology comment made me chuckle. That worked on SONshine for about 6 or 9 weeks, then he readily agreed with me.
ME: Don't eat those carrots

Tammie said...

that smock is adorable!

and i love making dishcloths. i do it on an almost nightly basis while watching tv.

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