Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cordelia's Morning Yoga

I recently noticed that Cordelia has been mimicking me as I do yoga. So I started throwing down a yoga mat for the girl and, for now, she is really into it. I show her a pose and she does it to the best of her ability. Sometimes I help her if she seems to want it, but mostly I just let her do whatever she wants.

down dog
Downward Facing Dog

She alternates between actively participating, even naming some of the poses, and goofing off. She will run in circles around the mat, crawl underneath me while I do standing poses, or maybe she will just roll around on the floor.

standing pose
Mountain Pose?

I am just glad that she is interested and even more happy that she is picking up on the fact that we must do something like this every single day. I want that to just become something she does naturally.


I used to think I needed to have time away from her to really work out, but this is way more fun, keeps me active and she seems to really enjoy it.



How do you work fitness into your daily routine?


Kate Ware said...

I just have to say that Cordy does an AWESOME downward facing dog!!!

I think it's great that she's getting into this routine with you, and learning the value of fitness at such an early age. Way to go, Cordy!! :)

Stacy said...

I love it!! I think it's fabulous that you're setting such an example for her. And that she's so into it right now!

Clare said...

As a yoga teacher, I agree, her Adho Mukka Savasana rocks! She can do yoga all of her life and it's wonderful that she is starting so early!

Kate said...

I really love this and admire you. I meditated and did yoga with SONshine, but I admit, I've fallen off the good-habit-wagon.

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