Thursday, September 1, 2011



Ooo did that title pull you in? Doesn't it seem like I am about to tell some awful truth? Well, I suppose I could be, depends on your definition of awful. Mostly I feel like making a few confessions today:
  • I am terrible about closing cupboard doors or screwing lids on things. Example 1: The other day I was sitting at the kitchen table. Eric came in and said, "Whoa, I can tell you've been working in the kitchen." I looked around and nearly every cupboard and drawer was left open. 2: Yesterday morning poor Eric went to shake up the V8 juice and spilled it all over himself because yours truly didn't properly screw on the lid.
  • I am currently eating a vegan chocolate chip cookie. It is not yet 9am.
  • Sometimes when Cordelia naps I have every intention of doing housework, writing, working, or crafting---instead I do absolutely nothing for a minimum one glorious hour. Maybe I will surf the i-net. Perhaps a little reading. Maybe even just sitting there like a total zombie (we can pretend it is meditation). I love it.
  • I am occasionally guilty of tilting art hanging on our walls just to see how long it takes Eric to straighten it.
  • I have a super-over expressive face. I totally cannot hide my emotions; it's embarrassing.
  • I swore of nail polish after a bad polish left my toenails yellow (for a year), but sometimes I still want to use nail polish. Then I remember my yellow toenails and I don't do it.
  • I get weird satisfaction from throwing food scraps into our compost heap.
  • I squirt Bumblebee with a water bottle when she jumps on company...and I enjoy it.
What confessions do you care to share?


AKM said...
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Kate W. said...

1. I confess that your mom's blog title "My Life as a Tart" drew me in faster than "confessions."

2. I am as OCD as Eric when it comes to straightening things. I've occasionally been known to straighten art on dr's office walls.

3. I confess that I tortured my cats, and enjoyed it. Wait -- let me clarify! My friends thought it was torture -- it was really showing off their amazing talents! Like, did you know that if you gently tie a long tube sock around your cat's middle, then set her down on the floor, she'll fall over? They can't walk with something tied around their middle.

4. I confess to adoring your daughter, and stalking your blog so I can see cute new photos of her! I just love her down dog!! I really think that you should have the yoga studio there use it in their advertising. :)

Is that enough for one day? LOL! TFS, Maria. You are adorable!

AKM said...

Cookies for breakfast? Perfectly acceptable.

Bwahaha...okay, so now whenever I sit at work like a zombie, I'm totally going to tell myself that I'm meditating. Love that. ;-)

I can't hide my emotions, either. I have no poker face whatsoever. That said, I was pretty good at theater and acting. Go figure.

My confessions...if someone's tailgating me, I purposely drive slower. (If I'm not in the left lane, of course.) I figure I'm doing him a service by forcing him to learn some patience. ;-)

I sing to the cat. I never make my bed. I often eat dinner standing up. I talk to inanimate objects at work like my stapler.

Anonymous said...

Amen to doing nothing for a bit during naptime and getting giddy about compost! Last night I took Jonas booster seat out and just shook it into the heap since he was so messy!

Daphne said...

Love this.

My confession: sometimes I like REALLY BAD junk food, and I profess to be a hippie health nut. Also, sometimes at my book club I say I've read the book when I haven't, and then I just coast along in the conversation and just agree with people.

Victoria said...

~ I straighten and re-hang clothes on hangers in department stores(you can take the girl out of the shop...but...)
~ I never clean the lint filter in the dryer (not to worry,Mike does!)
~ I have a private stash of fine chocolate, good stationery and tea
~ I straighten frames in museums, at art shows and in other people's homes (see above)
~ Come to think of it, I hate taking anything out of the dryer
~ Michael does all of our ironing
~ The "tastiness" of a meal I prepare is directly proportional to the amount of mess I create in the kitchen
~ I compose letters in my head and think I've sent them
~ I sometimes sneak outside at 4am to sit and look at the stars

Aimee B said...

I confess that I actually use the "dog spray bottle" on my boys when they are bickering! I figure a little water never hurt, I got their attention, and I didn't have to yell.

I confess that I think pictures look better at a slant.

I confess that I "meditate" the same way you do!

Thanks for making me giggle today!

Susan S said...

Kate, ha! Thanks!

Maria, Grandma C says you take after her regarding the cupboard doors. I have to say I do see a genetic link as Dad doesn't ever shut them either.

elizabeth said...

oh, the cupboard door thing would drive me nuts!!

do you do the same with dresser drawers??? ahhhhh!

i think you're going out with friends tonight??
have fun!!

Emily said...

Let's see....I recently discoered I can balance better on my left side which is weird since I am right-handed....I don't like to read books twice, even really good ones.....I could eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner....I wish I could sing like Julie Andrews.

sophie said...

Love that photo - totally glam! Sorry I have been around, my life is crazy right now. Confessions...hmmm...well, I cannot drink the last of the milk in the bottle, must chuck it out, I worry it's contaminated. So strange!

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