Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Simple and Perfect

Yesterday evening, after dinner, we headed out back. I did some yard work. Cordelia alternated between following me around and playing by herself. Bumblebee obsessed over the orange neighbor cat who kept taunting her from atop the fence. Eric alternated between hanging with his girls and watching tennis on the laptop inside the house. Then we went for a long family walk. We played in the park. Looked around the neighborhood. Checked out the creek and came back home as the sky was growing dark.


Cordelia practicing her yoga


Basset ear slap

Sun on pine

Virginia Creeper and a little lady on the go

Sun through the trees
Sun through the trees

Hello, from me to you

We settled in for a family night. I enjoyed some vegan chocolate and a glass of wine along with the company of my amazing husband and beautiful daughter. Simple and perfect.
What is your idea of a simple and perfect evening?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A simple and perfect evening for me is reading a good book, with a glass of juice, while listening to my birds talk with each other.

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