Thursday, August 4, 2011

Uncharted Territory

When our friends Andy and Anne were visiting last month they told us some details from their recent trip to Iceland. Andy disclosed that he had tried banana pizza and that he had enjoyed it.

Now, weird pizza toppings are nothing new to me--in high school-- during my before vegan days ( 1997 b.v.)I would get those little frozen pizzas and slather then in ranch dressing and sprinkle m&ms across the top (I feel ill just thinking about that).

Nowadays I like to put broccoli and slivered almonds on my pizza or any veggie that happens to be lurking in my refrigerator. So, last night as I was making pizza I saw a lonely looking banana sitting on the counter. "Why not? Why not? What is the worse that could happen," I reasoned with myself.

So I cut up the banana and put it across the top of the pizza and popped the whole business in the oven. I texted Andy while waiting for the pizza to bake. He asked for a full-report with photos (hence this blog). After a tense (added for dramatic effect) baking period I decided that it was time...

pizza with bananas

I removed it from the oven, it looked innocent enough...

A bite

I took a bite...

Cordelia Eating

Well, I took a bite after Cordelia, she was my test subject and she seemed to react positively. Naturally I waited to make sure that everything stayed down.

Oh no

I felt the texture and taste of banana was....fine. I enjoyed it.

Eric's reaction was so extreme that he begged not to be photographed (either that or he'd just gotten a haircut and was not happy with the professional styling---we may never know).

Either way it was cool to mix it up. I hate that as adults we get set in our ways, why not put banana on pizza? So today I invite you to mix it up a bit! If you've already done so or if you have any mix it up ideas, please share them!


Kate said...

My favourite pizza topping is pineapple and green chile, so why not banana?

AKM said...

KATE! MINE TOO! Well, jalapenos and pineapple, but close enough, right?

In fact, as I read this, I was thinking that making a grilled PB and banana sandwich would be awesome with jalapenos added. Now I want one.

My favorite combo this summer was mandarin oranges in my salads with Dijon vinigarette. The sweet and tart citrus paired with the bite of Dijon was amazing.

Mason-Jezek Journal said...

Yay! Thanks for the post. Ours didn't have all the other toppings, but it really is pretty good. :) Glad you were willing to be bold, daring, and courageous with your pizza! (I also think it's hilarious that you used Cordy as your taste tester.) Kate, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE green chile on our pizza too...our favorite...may have to add the pineapple and see how that goes.

Clare said...

You are hilarious, and so is your lazy eye. There is a pizza place in town here that makes Piadines, a flatbread pizza with a salad stacked on top and you fold it over, and I am in love with, and having a domestic partnership with, the Apricot and Almond (hold the chicken) with Basalmic Reduction. So delicious!

singlemama said...

I would never ever put banana on a pizza.

but I'm italian.

that's why.

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