Friday, September 30, 2011

Birthday Review


Yesterday was Cordelia's second birthday. We held a family party for our little lady. Her only birthday request was to have PINK CUPCAKES. The guests arrived at 3:30 for Cordelia's birthday party.

Guest list:
  • Cordelia
  • Grandma Sue
  • Grandpa Mike
  • Uncle Sam
  • Godmother Erin
  • Dad
  • Mom
We kept it simple. We ate vegan cupcakes with pink frosting, soy ice cream, strawberry pop, almonds (for the adults).

I made pink cupcakes as the birthday girl repeatedly requested.

The table


The birthday girl. This is what she does when we ask her to smile...


The birthday party attendees, minus Eric the photographer

sam and erin
Sam and Erin. Sam insisted on standing behind the bunting.

Cordelia started opening her gifts after the birthday cupcakes.

space jam
Note the gift is a gift bag with Space Jam on it. Space Jam was a movie that came out in 1996. I think that says something about the longevity of the gift bag.

baby pumpkin
Eric with a baby pumpkin.

Cordelia received a tricycle from her grandparents, but she calls it her motorcycle!

We went out for dinner after the party. Then we braved the mall play area and finally headed home for some tea party fun. Our girl had a wonderful birthday. Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes!


affectioknit said...

What a fun sweet happy birthday!

Susan said...

It was a nice party with a beautiful 2 yr old!

Anonymous said...

What lovely birthday party , happy birthday to a special little girl .

Kate said...

"Motorcycle", lol! Classic!

Victoria said...

Haha, I'm lovin' the "school smile" Thanks for inviting us to the party!

Keia said...

happy birthday cordelia! lovin the pink cupcakes :)

singlemama said...

I love eerything but the motorcycle is my favourite! :-)

AKM said...

Yeah, the "motorcycle" is pretty sweet! She'll have so much fun with that. I'm so glad your family had such a fun day!

AKM said...

Oh, and the Space Jam bag cracked me up because we do the same thing! We think it's funny to reuse a Christmas bag for Valentine's Day -- hey, it's red, right? -- or a birthday bag for a Halloween gift or whatever. Hee! ;-)

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