Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Creative Parenting: Project Rock Painting

I don't know about you, but I am always looking for something creative to do. ALWAYS. I also find myself looking for ways to spark creativity in my little lady. I don't expect her to be an artist or anything, she can do what she likes, but I do hope to instill in her a sense of creativity. I assume that will only benefit her in the long run.

There are times when it can be a bit challenging to creatively engage an almost 2 year old (next week is her 2nd b-day). I find that part of the experience is the explanation beforehand, she gets really excited about our plans so that when we get to work she is far more enthusiastic than if I had had just plunked her down in front of a project.

Yesterday while we were getting ready for the day we started talking about rocks and how fun it would be to paint them, what you don't do that? When we were dressed and ready we decided to take a walk in order to find a couple of rocks/exercise Bumblebee. Cordelia was eager to point out rocks along the way. Mostly she just wanted to take decorative rocks from other people's yards. When we had made our selections, from rocks that were not stolen, she proudly carried them home, hoisting them triumphantly in the air above her head.

When we got home she "helped" me with the set up. I laid out some butcher paper on the table and took off her cute clothes to keep them clean. I really need to just make her an art smock, anyone have a pattern? Next, I got out some of my old paintbrushes and some acrylic paint. I put the paint on a bit of aluminum foil and I let her get to work. I just kind of let her do her own thing, it wouldn't really be an exercise in creativity if I was hovering around her. I did my own painting and just made sure she didn't start flinging the stuff around the room.

Busy painting

painted rock
Painted rock

She painted the rocks for a while. I knew she was done when she started painting herself, an example of my keen parental observational skills. I cleaned her up and laid her down for a nap while the rocks were drying.

When she awoke we went outside and she found the perfect place for her rocks.

showing it off


placing the rocks


What creative projects have you been up to lately?


Susan S said...

Oh, I love that.

affectioknit said...

What a fun project!...

Victoria said...

Oh my gosh, now the entire planet is a canvas!! She is a natural, like her mother, love her choice of color!

Emily said...

What a perfect project! I'm stealing your idea. :)

Anonymous said...

My mom used to paint on rocks and it is a challenge to find the "perfect" rock for a special painting project. Some of them were eggs, churches, cafes, Disney characters.
Cordelia will find her niche in the art world I'm sure of it!

Kate W. said...

Awww, how sweet! The best art smocks, honestly, are either old button up men's dress shirts (get one from grandpa or at the goodwill) or take a 13 gal trash bag, cut a hole for her head and arms, and viola! Instant coverage! We actually used both when I taught preschool, but I liked repurposing the old shirts better.

I still have a rock I painted as a child . . . that lead to my mom and I collecting rocks wherever we went, and starting a little "rock garden" on the side of the house. :) Thanks for jogging that memory!

On my way Home... said...

To answer your question about creative projects... I'm currently making my own craft table from wood around the house. We live in an old OLD house and there is a lot of random stuff around... like sweet support beams we aren't using. I hope to have this done by next week!!
And I really like the rock painting! Last post you did about painting inspired me to have Elijah try it. Didn't work so well... he like to drink the rinse water. :( We'll try again in a few months.

On my way Home... said...

Found this tonight... thought of your post:

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