Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Organizing and GIVEAWAY!

When we first moved into our house in April I did a quick set-up in my sewing/craft/art/guest room. I planned to get things in good order within the next few weeks, but one project or the next would get in the way. I was able to use the space, so it wasn't really a priority. Well, yesterday afternoon during the golden hour (nap time) I tore the place up with the intention of re-organizing and making the space more functional.

Right as I finished taking everything out to assess the situation Cordelia woke up early. So I have a little carry-over. I have to get this space organized today. I am kind of excited about it all. Plus, while I was cleaning out the closet I found a few unfinished projects that I started before our move and just lost track of. Last night I finished two hats and two scarves!

Please excuse the shaky quality of this photo, I took it while practicing gymnastics...

I thought that perhaps today, while I am organizing, you could have something to look forward to. I am talking to you, anywhere in the world.

Where in the world are you?

I am giving away one bag of my favorite tea, Evening in Missoula. While I was visiting Missoula this summer I picked up a bag for myself and one for a giveaway. The bag looks kind of small in this pic, but I assure you it is huge enough for hundreds of amazing cups of tea.

How to Enter up to 4 times:
1) Follow me (let me know in comments that you are following)
2) Blog, tweet, facebook update about it (let me know in the comments what you have done)

I will announce a winner on Saturday!
I will also post photos of my newly organized space.



Victoria said...

You go girl! Something about Fall makes organizing feel like nesting.

Anonymous said...

Will you come and organise for me , I am just getting a new craft room and I do not know where to start . Your little daughter is wonderful, I am expecting two new grandchildren one next month and one next year , they live in the UK and I live in France and I do miss all the lovely little things kiddies do .

affectioknit said...

I do so love organization!...and tea!...of course I'm already a follower!

Kat V. said...

That tea sounds awesome. I am so glad that autumn is approaching (I celebrated yesterday with my first pumpkin spice latte of the season). :)

I'm already a follower & I'm currently working on a Facebook update.

Your blog is one of my favorites!

Kirsten said...

I always get side tracked when I try to organize:p
Of course I follow you! Tea is magic

AKM said...

Oh, I'd love some tea from Missoula! You've inspired me to visit there someday, you know.

I follow, Tweeted, and Facebooked! Always happy to introduce people to your blog (and your mama's)!

Emily said...

I sometimes get into an organizing frenzy too. Naptime is the best time to conquer it too! Good luck tomorrow! And of course, I follow your blog. :)

Susan S said...

Oh come on! You call that a mess? Puuuuuu leeeeeeeze.

On my way Home... said...

That tea is one of my favorites too!

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