Thursday, December 22, 2011

Project: Bird Donuts

I call this project bird donuts, but Cordelia calls it fancy bird feeders---take your pick.

To create bird donuts you will need:
Yarn or string of some sort, scissors, a donut tray (I found mine at a thrift store), some oil spray (I am not really sure if this is helpful or not, your call) and one very adorable helper

You will also need birdseed and water

The steps:
I sprayed the donut pan with oil (again, not really sure if it was necessary). I wrapped my string around the center of each donut, leaving a tail out of the top for hanging later.

Next we scooped in the birdseed, filling the donut holes almost to the top, leaving just a bit of room for water.

with water
We added the water. I say "we" particularly because you should note that a toddler's help might not extend to this part if you don't want some spillage. The seeds were of different weights, some floated while others sunk so the seeds were well distributed.

in the freezer
We popped those bad boys into the freezer for a few hours.

out of the freezer
Cordelia inspected to ensure that they were frozen.

frozen bird donuts
I got out a cookie sheet and poured about a 1/4 inch of hot water in and placed the donut tray into it. The donuts popped out easily.

me hanging bird donuts
I marched outside and hung the bird donuts from a tree that stands in front of our front window.

hanging bird donuts
Now the real question is will the birds get this or the squirrels? My money is on the squirrels, they are ruthless.


Stacy said...

Yep, the squirrels will enjoy it for sure! And maybe leave some scraps for the birds.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Can the birds eat the frozen donuts...
I certainly can't make those here because it's still too warm, we have grass, and no snow.... I am NOT complaining!!!!!

jhailstone said...

I really like how you included pictures for this bird feeder idea. The birds and squirrels will find it soon enough. You have just created a loving, lasting memory with your child that is really something. She will always remember this.

Make sure you show us how to do a donut when it's a different season and ice doesn't work.

Maria Rose said...

The ice melts in the sun and releases the seeds in bits. The birds have been going crazy over it!

Veggie Tales said...

Hehe what a fun idea. I remember when I was little I loved rolling pinecones in peanutbutter and then bird seed and putting it out for the birds in the winter.

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