Thursday, December 1, 2011

Project: Keepsake Ornaments

I am so excited for Christmas this year. I have already started the process of gift making. Do you do a lot of gift making?

This year I am trying to include Cordelia in the process a bit more. Yesterday we did some cool ornament making with salt dough (I was inspired by this tutorial). We made some ornaments as keepsakes for ourselves, but also one to give as a gift from Cordelia.

Using the recipe from the above link I needed to add a little more water, but otherwise it developed smooth and simple.
with the dough
Cordelia, in spite of my warnings, tried a bite of salt dough....after putting it in her mouth she said, "Oh no momma."

We rolled out the dough (roll it fairly thin or you'll have super heavy ornaments) and used a small bowl to cut out some round ornaments.
cut out

I helped her to press her hand into the dough. I really had to push down on the back of her hand and each finger in order to make a good impression in the dough.

little hand touching

I poked holes into the ornaments and laid them out on an ungreased cookie sheet. I baked them at 300 for about 30 minutes, a little longer perhaps because I was distracted.

on the pan

I pulled them out of the oven and let them cool down while Cordelia enjoyed nap time. Once cooled we came back to them and decided that they needed a little paint.

fresh baked

I tried a few different painting techniques. First I just painted her hand and placed it (carefully) into the impression, adding a little color to the print. I put her name on the ornament and the date as well. We put some green yarn through the hole and hung it on the tree.

hand on tree

Then I repeated the process and let her paint it....not the most beautiful of ornaments, but it was charming.


She was very proud and wanted to hang it on her little tree.

little tree

Finally I just painted in the hand print with paint. Looks solid. We will be sending this ornament as a gift from Cordelia to her grandparents in New Mexico.

Hopefully these keepsake ornaments will be fun to pull out annually and see how much she has grown.
Have you been doing any Christmas crafting?


Susan said...

I love her little hands!

Kate said...

Socks! I'm knitting socks! I've never knitted a proper THING before, {I usually come up with square ... somethings} so I'm really excited that this seems to be going well. I'm also sewing a dress for my daughter and will be making fabric buckets for my son {by hand as I don't have a sewing machine.} This is definitely more fun than shopping.

Her hands look so dainty!

Anonymous said...

Good tradition, too bad you didn't get her foot done too.... Hands and Feet ornaments!

Maria Rose said...

Roxanne. I tried her feet, but those ornaments would have been HUGE!

Kirsten said...

thanks...I am going to do this will Leeluu!

Anonymous said...

oh, I guess they would be huge, she is 2 years old now.... LOL

AKM said...

Her painting is lovely! Very abstract. ;-) What a precious momento!

Victoria said...

Haha! She holds her brush like her mother!! So glad she is feeling better. I want to make gifts of food this year for local friends.

singlemama said...

I have something like that with a little hand and a little foot. my little boy was 4 months old...

and yes, we made some xmas craft these days :-)

sara said...

my husband was just talking about doing these with the kids, but i didn't know how to make the dough. thanks for the link!

Kate said...

SONshine :: Momma, did she make one of those ornaments for us?
ME :: No, honey. She doesn't Know us.
SONshine :: Well, it said New Mexico. It thought that was us.
ME :: Not so much, love.
SONshine :: If I'm your love, we should make those ornaments.
ME :: Erm. I. Yep. Good logic.
SONshine :: {Beaming} Thanks!

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