Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter Hath Arrived!

snow on bush

I had vague dreams of snow and cold last night. Small wonder considering the arctic blast we've been dealing with the past couple of days. The snow started falling on Wednesday night, lightly at first, but by yesterday morning the snow was laying in a thick blanket across the ground. The thermostat isn't expected to even flirt with the 30sF.


When the weather gets like this I often wonder about homesteaders, those folks who thought this was a good place to make a go for it. Sure, they probably found Wyoming in the spring or summer, but one winter here is enough to give you a decent education in cold. I know that my great great grandparents homesteaded here and I just shake my head in wonder that I've come from such hearty stock. I'm afraid that I wouldn't have made it in Wyoming back then....I would have wimped out and headed for the Pacific Northwest, because heaven knows I would never survive the heat of the Southwest!


Thankfully I was made for here and now. So, I am equipped with the powers to adjust the thermostat, curl up under a blanket, drink soy hot chocolate and have my husband sit on my feet when I become desperate.

branches wtih snow

Today, as the cold settles in we will be indoors. I plan to visit with a friend, write, play with a toddler, hang out with my husband and be so thankful that I have all the conveniences of the modern world. I will just enjoy looking at the crisp white layer of snow that covers our yards. I can marvel and the sparkle of snow as the cold wind carries it through the air. I can just be thankful for a warm day indoors.

snow on table

What do you do on snow days?


Anonymous said...

BRRRRR, We just got snow today and I don't like it. I was born in the wrong country, Canada is cold.

I sit inside and try not to look out... but that's not always possible, we have to eat, work and get the mail, so we have to go outside. I wish I was a bear and hibernate the whole winter long!

Victoria said...

Oh, I would love a snow day! We snuggle in and watch movies. I make a yummy soup and we just chill (no pun intended!) Have you ever tried the barley bag warmers for your feet? They are my salvation in the winter. Also, just added an electric "throw" to my Christmas list...used one in Seattle and loved it. Stay warm! xo

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous, I really want snow!!!

Emily said...

It is so pretty there! I love the mountain view from your window. We pretty much do the same things here at our house. Hot chocolate, blankets, snuggling. The lights from the Christmas tree seem to add warmth too! :)

Carmen said...

I agree with you - I'm pretty thankful on these cold days that we have the luxury of being able to so easily stay warm. My hubby has been here for 10 years now, but still hasn't acclimatized (he's from the West Coast where it doesn't get much cooler than 0 degrees Celcius!).

elizabeth said...

no snow to speak of here yet.
but when it does snow, we'll be making christmas cookies and cards, i'm sure.

ps - miss c is so stinkin' cute with a ponytail. :)

Court said...

Sigh. I am going to just sit here and live vicariously through this site. We wear shorts. In December. That's just wrong. Snow? It's so rare that when it happens the city shuts down... but... the upside is everyone- even many adults- get outside and play in it and go bonkers. Cause. It's snow!

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