Thursday, January 19, 2012

Make Something Every Day

I seem to have inadvertently developed something of a personal mantra. I am not sure how or when it started, but I find myself repeating the mantra "make something every day." I wake up and first thing I do is plan what I am going to make....that doesn't include breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Some days it is easier than others to fit in time to make stuff. People often ask me how I find time to do so much, but the truth is that I don't find time anywhere I have to make it, fit it in where I can. I do have a lot going on in my life between motherhood, my job, working on Wyoming Rose with my mother, preparing for two art shows in the next two month, and 90 gajillion (an exact count) other things I have going on.

I try and combine my efforts where possible. For instance, yesterday Cordelia and I made vegan brownies together. A little bit of quality time with the girl and a little time for making.

brownie face
She was an enthusiastic helper.


When it was nap time I worked on my lesson plan and then sat down to do a little crocheting for Wyoming Rose. We had a big order from a retailer (!) last week and have been working to fill that order. I finished up a cowl, a baby hat and I later worked in a few others while we spent family time together.

hat and scarf

Now don't get me wrong, there are days when I get to the end of the day and the only thing that I have made is a big mess, but at least I made something...or at least that is what I tell myself. I guess I just don't feel like a day has been worth much if I haven't made something, anything.

So, today I plan to finish up some more crochet stuff, possibly dig into some jewelry making and hopefully work on a piece or two for my show in March. I am feeling ambitious.

Do you have a personal mantra?


Kate said...

I do that, too. I need an outlet for positive, I think. Now that I've deleted my blog, I've found even more desire to make. I admire all that you do and how well you do it.

Susan said...

And yet you still make time for your momma.... yay!

Anonymous said...

And yet, you still make time for your blog!
You are amazing Maria, don't poop yourself out.

Emily said...

I feel like the day was a success if I create something each day too. Although my creations tend to be more of the cookies and brownie variety than crafty goodness. Hmmmm...does this count? :)

I agree with Roxanne-- you are amazing!

AKM said...

It's been said that if you want something done, give it to a busy person to do it! I think you're representative of this maxim. ;-)

(And holy guacamole, Kate, your blog IS gone! I was just trying to catch up with all my blogs yesterday and I was glad to sit down and read it for a few minutes. Frown. I know how that goes, though.)

Anonymous said...

Lovely- both the brownies, Courdy, and the hats! I might have to order a pair soon for the new little one and her big sister. :) We are still treasuring the polar bear hats you made us for winter too!

singlemama said...

here's my mantra :

Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.
Groucho Marx

Kate said...

AKM, I received a lot of email telling me my blog wasn't readable. It was causing problems in other ways, so I deleted it to work things out. Oy. Big job for a non-computer girl. Eventually, it'll be back. I think. Maybe.

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