Thursday, January 12, 2012

Project: Scratch Patch

Do you have cats? We have two cats. We love them, but there are certain downsides to living with cats. One such downside is the scratching on furniture issue. We have tried everything (sprays, covering furniture with foil, squirting the cats with water, scratching posts, etc.) with the exception of de-clawing which is inhumane and out of the question. So we have forfeited a few pieces of furniture over the years. With our cats aging there is a lot less scratching than there once was, but there are still a few hot spots.


One such hot spot if the corner of this chair. You can see they have gone crazy on it. Rather than replacing all of our furniture with metal chairs we have just sacrificed this one chair in the basement, but it still bugs me. I know I can't really stop the issue as we've been trying for 12 years with no success. So I devised a fast and easy patch.


First I took a piece of felt that kind of goes with the chair coloration. I cut a simple heart out of the felt and basted it over the raw corner. Done deal. It isn't perfect, but it took me less than five minutes and I won't be bummed when I need to replace it again in a few weeks.


Rachel said...

i think the scratch patch is really cute. give the corner it's own personality!

Emily said...


Susan said...

Such a clever girl!

elizabeth said...

your scratch patch is smart.
and your snow is beautiful!

Kirsten Taggart said...

Are old dog tore apart out first couch when she was a puppy. I patched it up too. Not as cute...but it worked :)

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