Wednesday, January 11, 2012


We have had a Wyoming heat wave lately. OK, well maybe there wasn't really much heat involved as we were only about 10 degrees above freezing, but there has been a couple of weeks with warmer than usual temperatures. For a moment I lost my head and thought that perhaps spring was right around the corner. Don't laugh I spent many impressionable years in New Mexico and took their mild winters for granted. I began to think about the tulips that were sure to start pushing their way up through the cold soil only to erupt in a riot of color that always seems so foreign after the winter colors of white and brown...but I forgot where I was and what month it is. January 11th is no time to declare the end of winter. No time at all.

Last night as I was getting ready for bed the darkness seemed to have a light purple brightness and I knew, before even going to the window, that there would be snow. It was falling softly, covering everything in sight. I smiled and remembered that we still have many more winter days to enjoy before the tulips make their appearance.

When the family awoke this morning I took Cordelia to the window so she could look out at the snow. She gasped in wonder and immediately begged for snow pants. How could I deny her? So, we ate some pancakes, drank some juice and headed out for an early morning romp in the freshly fallen snow.



C in snow

snowy lilac



snowy bush

Blue Venus

Bee in snow

What is it like where you are?


Susan said...

It looks much the same here, without the sweet little girl all bundled in pink.

Kate W. said...

Her sweet little pink nose matches her snowsuit!! Send some of that snow our way!

singlemama said...

I'd really like to be there playing with her :-)

jill said...

Sunny and warm here in San Jose-I do miss the snow though...

Kirsten Taggart said...

Fresh snow always looks so pretty! Then once its been stepped all over it looks..hmmmm not so nice.
No snow here! cute photos

Carmen said...

Looks like the snow that hit us yesterday! Enjoy it! We've been tobaganning and still have plans to make a snowman :). Somehow with all the lack of snow this winter, this snowfall felt especially magical :)

Emily said...

Well, today started off sunny and warm, then a cold front blew through and brought some snow for us tonight too! Nothing pretty and deep like your snow, just a dusting. But snow none the less!
PS- Love the green birdhouse. Very cute!

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