Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This day

Cordelia playing

The middle of an order for 30 crocheted dishrags.

Cat watching dog, dog watching squirrel.

Squirrel, unaware that it is being watched.

My garden notebook and a stack of gardening books. I am in the planning process!


Emily said...

The title of this post reminds me of some lyrics to a song by one of my favorite groups, The Innocence Mission. "This day, is filling up my room, is coming through my door, oh I have not seen this day before." It just reminds me that each and every day is a gift. Looks like you are enjoying yours! :)

Anonymous said...

dishrags... in the middle of... so you got 15 done already? The colors looks like a rainbow, real pretty, can hardly wait to see them all!

jhailstone said...

I love those pictures. It's like I'm there and seeing a piece of your life. I'm jealous that you can keep your kitchen floor looking so perfect.

Susan said...

I agree with Emily. Each day truly is a gift. I'm glad I got to spend part of this one with you and Miss Cordy.

Kate said...

I'm eager for garden season as well.

Kirsten Taggart said...

Holy cow that is a sparkly kitchen floor!! I am planning my garden too. Maybe next year we can swap seeds?

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