Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Review: Laziness, Dish Stacking, Projects

How was your weekend? Mine was one of those weekends of long periods of laziness followed by bursts of enthusiastic activity. I am shaking off the last remaining vestiges of first trimester exhaustion and it is kind of like getting an old car to start. You have to let it idle for a while and then floor it before it dies out at the fist stop sign.


I admittedly tried to think of creative ways to entertain this girl from the couch. We practiced some French, to hear her say "Bonjour, je m'appelle Cordelia" is about the cutest thing in the universe. We sang songs, practiced counting and read books all from the warm embrace of the couch.

Lest you think I was a total sloth this weekend I must admit that I did have some actual accomplishments as well. I managed to bake a blueberry cake from The Joy of Vegan Baking and we may or may not have had some cake for breakfast today.

We took some walks, enjoying the warmer winter weather.

We had dinner at my parent's house.

I also did a freakish amount of dishes, baking produces a lot of dirty dishes. Do you recall this post where I discussed the renewed love of dish washing? Well, the honeymoon period is over, but I am still finding ways to make it less of a chore. I invent little games to take the edge off. Yesterday I was determined that nothing would make me dry the dishes I was only going to stack them into the drying I did. I made the most amazing tower of dishes and I was so proud of myself that I actually called Eric in to admire my work, he wasn't impressed. Actually, I think the tower made him nervous, maybe he was just jealous.

dish stacking
My tower of dishes. Impressive, no?

I also did a little more work with the lino cutting. I am making batches of simple prints in order to assemble some stationery sets...

Lino cards
Lino-cut cards

I also tried my hand at fabric printing onto a thrifted t-shirt. I used the same method as detailed in this post, only I printed onto fabric (putting a board under the shirt) and used fabric paint. I was pretty happy with the result although I haven't washed it yet, so we will see how it looks over time!

lino shirt

What did you do this weekend?


Anonymous said...

This weekend, I worked and got into a big fight with my son.... now I am sad.
Oh well, it'll pass. Hopefully.

Emily said...

I think blueberry cake for breakfast is perfectly acceptable, if you ask me. :)

Kirsten Taggart said...

not much...went to the beach, other than that most of my days are blurred together. Sometimes I don't even know what day it actually is! I really like those printed cards, I might just have to make some :)

singlemama said...

how can you have so many dishes? ;-)

Maria Rose said...

Ha ha! We do have a lot of dishes. Yesterday I did a bunch of baking and the dishes from 2 meals as well as cleaning out the fridge...just like that a tower of dishes.

Susan said...

I am impressed by the tower, but not surprised. You come by that particular skill genetically, although I am out of practice. I love washing dishes, hate drying them.

elizabeth said...

i just have to say that i thought i was the dish tower queen - but you may rival me for that title. my husband also get very nervous/jealous over my dish towers . . .

and your little lady - as we all say all the time - is so stinkin' cute. :)

i hope your energy comes back in this second trimester! (though lazing around on a weekend is definitely ok - especially when pregnant!)

elizabeth said...

oh! p.s. it is more sanitary to allow dishes to air dry than to dry them with a towel - especially if you rinse them with scalding hot water.

Kate said...

I've never dried my dishes. My husband will, but I pretend I have no clue what he means when he mentions it on my dish-washing turns.

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