Thursday, February 23, 2012


My friend Ashley and I have a semi-regular meeting for crafting and chatting. She comes over in the afternoon, just as Cordelia is finishing up her nap. We settle in at the table and get to work on our random craft project for the week.

all of it

Yesterday I showed her the joy of working with oven bake clay. We each made several pieces. Cordelia enjoyed the process as well, though she mostly tore the clay into little bits and played with the tools. Mine will be up on the Wyoming Rose website in the near future...just need to finish them.


bee flowers music

music note and hand

For the pieces with images I used clay tattoos. Did you know that's a thing?

jar of hearts
I am not sure if you can tell, but the little jars have hearts inside of them. Cute no?

Crafternoons are so much fun. We finished up our projects with a little vegan blueberry cake, lovely. I'd love to get a group together and have someone new teach a different craft each time. Have you been crafting lately?

Also, if you haven't had enough of me there is an interview with me over on my mother's blog.


Emily said...

I want to come! Oh shoot....I live too far away. Love the hearts in a bottle.

Anonymous said...

I like to do crafts and I wish I can do some every day.
Thanks for the link to your mom's blog for your personal interview. It was fun learning new things about you.

Maria Rose said...

Thanks Roxanne, there is a lot of personal info that I have never shared here and I was a bit nervous to open up about it all.

Bettina said...

I love the little hand; a perfect new Mummy gift!

elizabeth said...

these are sweet! looks like lots of fun. :)

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