Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project: Planting the Seed

I have longed for a solid garden space for quite some time. I have had to make do with patios, porches and one very overrun rental house plot over the years. Last spring we moved into our first home and I did get to do some gardening, but I also wanted to wait a bit to really do my own thing. I wanted to watch the season, to see how the sun fell throughout the summer, what things had been planted by the previous owner and to see how we lived in the space.

So last season I waited and watched. I took notes on the places that got the most sun, the most water, the most use. Now that spring is right around the corner (I can will spring to come sooner can't I) I have settled on some exciting plans for the garden spaces around our home. Out front will be beautiful shade growing plants, our apple tree, our cottonwood rimmed with flowers. On the side of our house are some lilac bushes and I have some plans for the blank spaces as well. The backyard has 2 levels. On the lowest level we are making some raised beds and a little picnic area. Oh, I could go on and on, but for now I am just focusing on getting the raised beds and a few containers started.

Today I could contain myself no longer. I decided that it was high time Cordelia and I started some seedlings. We started with some heirloom tomatoes and a variety of peppers. I got one of the mini greenhouses this year, the kind with the dehydrated pellets that expand in year I am dreaming of some lamps and seedlings in the garage, but we will see.

First we watered...

and watered, really that was Cordelia's favorite part

Cordelia was very interested in the expansion of the pellets.

She wanted to get really close to them

Little dip
She ended up doing a bit of a belly flop into the seed tray which necessitated a mid-planting wardrobe change for my little neatnik.

Once she was changed and the pellets had expanded fully it was time to plant.


Seeds in Cs hand
If you are doing this with a toddler I do recommend using larger seeds...she ate a few and a few more disappeared into the great abyss that harbors missing socks, hair ties and the like.

Once we were done I put the cover on them and wished them well. Hopefully they will be ready to plant in a couple of months!

Do you have garden plans this year?


Anonymous said...

How cute, a belly-flop into the tray! I guess she got really TOO close!
No ground gardening for me though, I do have 3 boxes of "upside down" plants, 2 -tomatoes and 1 -strawberry. I will hopefully be able to place them on the balcony.

Susan said...

It is lovely that you have such enthusiastic help.

Carmen said...

So fun :) We did this last year and it was a great activity with the kids. We still have about three months before we will see Spring. I should start thinking about what to plant as well.

Carmen said...

Oh! Grace's pyjamas are from Disney. They make the nightgowns to look like the princesses' dresses. She adores them. We were given one as a hand me down, and we've ended up buying one for her each time she needs a new size :)

Victoria said...

I was shopping today and saw a darling pair of Cordelia-size gardening gloves! I picked them up and put them down ten times before I walked away wondering why I was so obsessed...wondering no more, Ha!

Emily said...

You are so such a good mom to include her in most of the projects you do. She is precious.

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