Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today is my mother's birthday! My usual practice is to celebrate my family members on their birthdays, so how could I change up the routine?

Did you know...
  • My mother is currently working at Hospice a nursing job that takes a very special kind of person. Not every person can face death with such dignity and grace. One might easily become overwhelmed by the surrounding heartache, but she turns it into strength and faith.
  • She is bananas for orange and paisley...combine the two and watch out!
  • She is so supportive, of everyone. I know that sounds like a blanket statement, but it isn't.
  • She is so kind and generous with her time. She truly doesn't set limits.
  • With that said she doesn't let people walk all over her either. She definitely has a backbone.
  • She is so funny. She has a very kooky personality that really fits in well with our family.
  • To know her is to love her, honestly.
  • She is super creative. For most of my life she has told me that she is a carrier of the creative gene. However, since I have been working with her on Wyoming Rose I have seen great creativity from this woman!
  • She is an amazing mother to all three of her children, the best mother-in-law and an absolutely amazing grandmother!
  • She is passionate about the things she believes in.

Happy birthday to my amazing mother!

On a side note Cordelia has asked to dress like her grandmother to celebrate her birthday, nobody is really sure what that means.

I am so proud to be your daughter. We all love you so much!
~Team W.


AKM said...

Your mother is truly a phenomenal woman; it would be awesome someday to meet her! (I keep hoping that your whole crew can come out sometime for a Cards game. I will absolutely show you around The Lou!) She is very much a mentor to me, whether she knows it or not. :-)

I hope her birthday is amazing! Gotta go to HER blog now and wish her the best...

Emily said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mom! Beautiful inside and out! :)

ben said...

It means you need to find some orange paisley for Cordy

Susan said...

You are such a sweet daughter. Thank you for that sweet tribute.

AKM, thank you as well for the kind things you've said. I also thank you for your fun comments on my blog as well.

Ben, you are correct! Bring on the orange paisley!

sophie said...

From what I have read/seen of your mum, she sounds absolutely wonderful. I hope she has a fantastic day.

Victoria said...

A lovely tribute indeed! Have fun celebrating together today!! xo

singlemama said...

happy birthday, susan :-)
sorry, I'm late...

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