Friday, February 3, 2012

Two Priorities

Yesterday had 2 major elements:
  1. Mom's birthday!
  2. Eric's artist's lecture at the college!

We started off the morning by meeting up for a family birthday breakfast with my mother. Cordelia was so excited for my mother's birthday. I was afraid that she might be confused and think she would receive gifts, but she was just so happy to snuggle and hug her grandma. When we arrived at breakfast we couldn't help but notice that my mother had her celebration color on. She wears orange when she's happy. We ate our breakfast and read some of mom's birthday cards, it was nice and laid back.

After breakfast I dropped Eric off at the college to set up for his lecture. I took Cordelia to the dollar store to find some junky toys to entertain her through the duration of the lecture. I had intended to pop in and out of the store in 5 minutes or less, but one thing led to the next and finally we found ourselves in line behind a woman who had an entire shopping cart filled with shampoo---there was only one person manning the checkout line so we waited. We made our break 45 minutes later than expected and it was time to head up to the college.

stuff to entertain a toddler

Cordelia, all set up with snacks and junky toys to entertain her through the lecture.

slide show

Opening Slide for the lecture, also the name of his exhibit

We met my family there and settled in to watch the lecture. The crowd was so much bigger than anticipated, it was awesome! Eric did a great job and the whole thing went down without a hitch. Cordelia was perfectly well-behaved; she is almost always well-behaved, but sometimes she gets chatty and she was silent and sweet through the hour long lecture.


Eric is looking over his notes as people begin to file in.

After the lecture Eric stayed behind to chat with the folks who remained while Cordelia went home for a nap. I prepped for my class that night and set up for mom's birthday as Cordelia rested. I hung the bunting and other birthday decorations, frosted the cupcakes and set everything up.

set up

Later in the afternoon my parents came over for cupcakes and present opening. Lovely time all around.

Birthday Girl

The birthday girl

Cordelia and Dad

Cordelia and my father

Later I went back to the college to teach my class while Eric and Cordelia enjoyed some father/daughter time. When class was done the snow had begun to fall. I stood in the parking lot for a moment and just watched, taking it all in, letting the snow fall on my cheeks and tongue for a minute. Then I was afraid my students may see me so I quickly hurried to the car, trying to look professional.

I drove home slowly, watching the snow fall in a glittering rain, it was beautiful. Finally I was home. I was greeted by my husband, sweet girl and the squeaky whines of my basset houndfriend. It was just one of those really full and fulfilling days.


Kirsten Taggart said...

Wow busy day! It is fun to be busy...
I really like the water bottles on your birthday table.
I know about the dreaded dollar store, I try to only go alone(when need be). :)

Kate W. said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. Your mom's hair is getting so long!! Congratulations to Eric on his lecture and show -- so happy that it went so well!

Roxanne said...

I'm glad the lecture went well, I wish I could be three to listen to one of them. Happy Friday and those cupcakes look delicious!

elizabeth said...
check this out!
it has nothing to do with your beautiful mom's birthday or Eric's well-done lecture or miss C's good behavior - but i think you'll like it!

Nicole Elizabeth said...

What fun! Happy birthday Susan! Courdy is looking super cute in her sweater dress too!

Maria Rose said...

Elizabeth, thanks for the cool ink it's right up my alley!

Rachel said...

what a lovely day! i really like your black/white dishes!! i wish it was snowing here!

Kate said...

How charming that birthday set-up was!

Tammie said...

i love those full days.

happy belated brithday to your mama and congrats to eric.

Jennifer said...

45 minutes? Really? Goodness.

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