Thursday, February 9, 2012

Project: Valentine's Day Cards

My participation in holidays like Valentine's Day has waxed and waned over the years. Sometimes I get into it and other times, meh. This year Cordelia has been talking a lot about Valentine's Day, so it seemed like a good opportunity for a little more holiday participation.

Valentine 3

Valentine 7

Yesterday my friend Ashley came over and we three ladies set to work crafting up some Valentine's Day cards.

Valentine 6

Valentine 1

Supplies (any or all of the following):
Scrap paper
Blank cards (not totally necessary, you could just use your own paper) and envelopes
Vintage prints
ribbon, buttons, glitter, etc
cookie cutters (I used them for tracing)
thread, yarn, beads, etc.
Stamps and ink

Valentine 2

Valentine 5

Let your imagination go. We started with classic heart shapes and then branched out from there. I mostly just paired patterns and colors and then mixed and matched until I found combos that I enjoyed.

Valentine 4

Do you do anything for Valentine's Day?


Kate said...

St. Valentine's Day has always been and will always be a children's holiday tome. I love it as such and have no interest in receiving the stereotypical gifts I'm expected to love. BUT, I do ADORE making Valentines with my babes and cutting hearts for their windows and making heart-and-arrow shaped pancakes and ... you get the point. Looks like your little one loved her time as much as we do!

singlemama said...

I like it...I should find my valentine... ;)

Happy Go Lucky Vegan said...

One card is cuter than the next! Love it!

Susan said...


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