Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Did you know that I have a show on exhibit right now? It is a show of work on paper art (all for sale) and it is up through the rest of the month at Casper College. Yesterday was the big day, the artist lecture. It's strange, I lecture and talk about art a lot, it's my job, but talking about my own art is such an unusual experience.


more work

I gave the same lecture twice within the span of a couple of hours. My audience was primarily students so I geared the lecture towards them; talking about how artists work and make a living in their field. I also gave a bit of my personal history, how I came to be an artist, etc. Finally I discussed the show itself. I covered my paper cutting techniques and how they came to be.

exhibition space

sitting in the sun

some work

Overall I think the whole thing went really well. I couldn't really ask for much more at this point. What a relief!

me with coffee

checking out the gallery

huh what

silly girl


Victoria said...


affectioknit said...


Have a lovely day!

Kate said...

Good thing I'm not there; I saw about 6 pieces I want!

E.K. said...

2 things:

1. This show is amazing!

2. All the work is for sale to anyone. You can buy it online and we'll mark it as sold at the show. Just ask Maria for a price list! Trust me, it's an awesome purchase.

Allen said...

Sorry about not being there--had to vist heart patients at the hospital, hope to get their before it closes. CONGRATS!!

Carmen said...


Susan said...

It was really great! I would've thought so even if I weren't your mother!

bel said...


Thank you for sharing all of those pictures!

AKM said...

I'd like to see a price list, too. I really dig the peacock piece. And the moose. And the elephants. Oh boy... ;-)

Stacy said...

1.) Congrats - that's awesome!
2.) You have the world's cutest assistant!

pepper said...

congrats! what a lovely show!
Pepper x

Tammie said...

im so honored to be able to call you my friend! i was so excited when i got the flyer in the mail about your show. i was bragging about you to everyone i know!

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