Friday, March 16, 2012

A Little Living is Happening Here

spring buds 1

We have been enjoying a recent warm streak here in Wyoming. The longer days and warm temperatures mean that we spend much of our time outside and I am discovering a little something that I have been missing in the cold months, life. Sure there is life sprouting up in the dirt, budding out of trees, but it seems that so much more living is going on.

spring buds 2

The birds are chirping. The squirrels are extra frisky (to my horror). Neighbors are out, walking, working on their yards, playing in the streets. The yappy neighbor dog barks at us incessantly when we are in the back yard. Soon he will again become used to our presence and leave us alone; this will also probably coincide with the day I get annoyed by him and spray him with the hose.

spring buds 3

To one side of us we have new neighbors who have a lot of young kids playing in their backyard. Sometimes the kids lose footballs to our yard. Sometimes they climb up the fence while I am working in the yard and tell me all of the naughty stuff they do...I think they are wanting for a little extra mothering and I am happy to oblige them in a kindly manner (for example: Don't say the **** word, that's rude).

spring buds 5

We have started seeing the spiders, ants and flies that seem to come out at this time of year. Cordelia spotted a spider the other day and started crying. I assured her that spiders are our friends. She believed me enough that she wanted to pet the spider, calling it to her. So I had to explain that we just look at spiders and thank them for all of their hard work, not touching them as we might squish them. A lesson she has wanted to review several times, but now she likes to talk to spiders and that is making me smile.

spring buds 4

I have been taking long walks in our neighborhood with Cordelia and Bumblebee. The brisk air leaves Cordelia and I pink cheeked and exhilarated. I find myself winded as this pregnancy begins to squish my organs and lungs, but I power through feeling happy to have the energy to climb hills on these beautiful days.

spring buds 6

Mostly we are just enjoying the living that seems to be happening all around us. We spend our days in the sun, working on cleaning up the yard from the ravages of winter and dreaming of the life and all of its potential that is beginning to happen here.


Susan said...

Beautiful photos...

Kate W. said...

What a beautiful post, Maria!! I love pussy willows -- am thinking I should look around and find one to plant here. Had to laugh at your description of spiders to Cordy. You are so good -- I'm uber-scared of them and I'm afraid if they come to my house they get squished. On purpose. ;)

Carmen said...

Sounds so beautiful! (other than the barking dog....)

Anonymous said...

Life is happening here too, I just wish I had a yard to enjoy. Apartment balconies doesn't do it!

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