Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Project: Update for Vintage Cups

Several months ago I saw a bunch of projects online using Porcelaine pens and I knew I had to give this new medium a whirl. So I ordered the pens and gathered up some vintage mugs. I was really pleased with the result...

mugs 2


  • Vintage cups, mugs or any flat colored ceramic piece. I suppose you could buy new, but why?
  • Porcelaine pens, I got mine here.


  • Wash and dry your mugs.
  • Come up with an idea or a design. Maybe you want words or a pattern, but I recommend that you have an idea in mind before you get rolling. Remember to take into account the shape of your mug. I chose nature inspired designs because straight lines would have been challenging on the mugs and I wasn't inclined to tape off a design (though you could do that too).
  • If you aren't a confident artist then I suggest you sketch out your idea on paper first.
  • Follow the directions on the pen and start drawing. Set aside to dry.

I was pleasantly surprised by the end result of the pens on the ceramics, they look really professional and they are dishwasher resistant. I think they would make great gifts if they were filled with a bag of coffee or some tea. If you want a closer look at the ones that I made you can check out the mugs on our Etsy shop Wyoming Rose. We also have listed a bunch of new items, so please check us out!

mugs 3


Kirstens Kitchen said...

Those are very cool!! Your designs are really pretty. Good project for a rainy afternoon :)

Carmen said...

They are beautiful!

Kate said...

I like this idea SO much!

Emily said...

Incredible. As usual!!

Visty said...

Ooh! I love the poppies!

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