Monday, March 5, 2012

String Theory

Other title options for this blog post: Stringing You Along, C String, String (Soy)Cheese, Spinning a Yarn, String Happy Birthday with Me, Yarn You Glad I Threw a Party, The Stringle Life, Strings 'N Things, Strings in Numbers

You know, as a mother, there are days when I just focus on getting things done. Cordelia and I run errands and work on learning, and playing, but I don't really dive into the experience of imaginative play. Now I think it is extremely important that Cordelia uses her imagination on her own and learns to play independently. I don't think I need, or want, to hover over her for every moment of the day. However, I try and remind myself to keep a good balance and sometimes it is important to just let my responsibilities and plans fall to the wayside as I let myself play with my girl.

Case in point----recently Cordelia was playing with a tiny remnant of yarn from a crochet project. I watched as she sat on the chair, talking with her piece of yarn and here is the gist of the conversation...

birthday string

Cordelia: Hi String how are you?
String: I'm sad.
Cordelia; Don't be sad.
String: OK, it's my birthday.
Cordelia: Happy Birthday! Mom wanna sing happy birthday?

And just like that I found myself throwing a birthday party for the string. I let Cordelia guide the play, not really imagining where it would go. We invited the guests

blue string
Light blue string was the first to arrive

red and yellow
Red and yellow yarn seemed to be something of a couple; they wanted to share a place at the table.

Cordelia chose her own outfit: A "Party Hat", striped pants, flower dress, and you are seeing things correctly...the blue coat is still around.

Sipping tea
We set up the tea service

Cordelia made imaginary cupcakes as I sliced up some vegan cheese and fruit for her to munch on.

singing happy birthday


We sang happy birthday a couple of times and it was fun and funny. I'd say the whole event lasted 30 minutes, but it was good. So weird and so fun. What a kooky girl I have. I love seeing the strange adventures she takes us on. What does the future hold with this character I seem to be raising?


Kirstens Kitchen said...

Happy birthday string..hehehe

Kate said...

I think Cordelia and my SON, Harry, would get along well. He does things like this often and I love him for it. He has trouble making friends in this area because he's "weird", but he likes himself, so invariably some child comes along who wants to understand my son's imaginings!

Susan said...

You are such an excellent mother. I am so proud of you.

Victoria said...

Ah...who is raising whom? ;)

sara said...

kids' imaginations are amazing. it's awesome that you encourage cordelia's like this.

Susan said...

She reminds me of a little girl I once raised who played and played with a family of nails.

Amber said...

Absolutely Wonderful. Beyond words. Thank you for that little journey.

Anonymous said...

She is going to be a great sister! Weird but FUN!

Rachel said...

i love these little stories and i love hearing comments about little girls that played with a family of nails!! =)

Stacy said...

I'm glad the string got happy and celebrated it's (his?) birthday!

Maria Rose said...

Stacy I had a sense that the string was a male too.

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