Saturday, April 7, 2012

Project: Handmade Gift Giving

How do you feel about receiving a handmade gift? Do you love it? I certainly do. I know there are people out there who just aren't into it, but I think most people generally appreciate a little handmade gifting.

Under the best circumstances a handmade gift tells the recipient that you took the time to create for them a unique and (hopefully) thoughtful gift. Something that you knew they would treasure and appreciate.

My friend Sarah celebrated her birthday yesterday and I prepped a little birthday gift for her as I knew she would appreciate the handmade---it is definitely her style. Anyway, I thought I would share the project with you.

First I used this method to create her a spring themed coffee mug. I added a package of tea, she is a big tea drinker! If I had the proper resources I would have created my own tea, but alas I live in a small town with limited tea options. So, I grabbed her some tea that seemed new and interesting.



I also created a pair of earrings on a recent crafternoon. I chose colors and style that seemed right up her alley. I just hung the earrings on some card stock that I cut with zig zag scissors.


Next I wrote her a card, not just the simple "Happy Birthday, " but a card that would let her know that I truly celebrated her birth and valued her existence. That is what birthdays are for right?


I grabbed my stamps and printed her name and and stamped a little picture on both sides to personalize the bag. Finally I added a little tissue paper (saved from a gift I had previously received) and added all of the elements.


A simple handmade gift to let my friend know that she is loved and appreciated.

Do you give handmade gifts? What is your method of gifting?


Anonymous said...

I especially love handmade gifts because I know how long they take to create from thought to finished piece.
I used to create gifts until I didn't feel appreciated, then I stopped doing it, the fun was gone when you watch someone open one of the pieces you took hours to create and you get "Oh, thanks"..... :(

Tahra said...

My friend Alexis celebrated her birthday yesterday too...and we must have been on the same wavelength. I scavenged through my hoarded piles of boxes, tissue, and tiny bags until I found the perfect combo to stamp with my logo and fill with some custom jewelry. I had just as much fun making the gift as I did wrapping it for a princess =)

sophie said...

What a perfect gift! I know most adults really don't expect much, so something handmade and thoughtful is so appreciated.

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