Friday, April 6, 2012

This Morning...

6:30am I could hear her rustling about in her bedroom and I knew it was coming. Sure enough, a few minutes later I heard the daily proclamation of, "Goooood morning everybody." I rolled out of bed, not so much from exhaustion but because I am at that point of pregnancy. I hefted myself, baby and all, up and slowly wandered across the hall into Cordelia's room, rubbing my eyes and pushing my bed hair out of my face. I picked up my oldest daughter and hugged her tight. She narrated by saying, "Huuuug."

I carried her back to bed with us for a morning snuggle...secretly hoping we might all fall back to sleep. Instead there was just some snuggling, tummy watching as the baby woke up too. Then Cordelia got it into her head that we should all be wearing hats....and soon enough we were up and going. I found myself wearing a wizard hat, Eric was sporting a tiny white eyelet hat, and Cordelia opted for a hat/poncho combo.

special hat poncho combo
Cordelia's ensemble of choice

wizard hat
Here I am in my wizard hat. Strangely Eric was opposed to the showing of his hat...

I made some vegan pancakes with fresh organic blueberries, topped with pure maple syrup. YUM!

Bee napping
Bumblebee settled in for her post wake-up nap.

While I was cooking the pancakes I couldn't help running out into my yard in pajamas (remembering to remove the wizard hat) to take photos of my tulips which will be opening for the second time today. So beautiful.


out the window
Cordelia kept her eye on me


After lingering in the sunshine for just a few minutes I ambled back in, happy that my neighbors didn't seem to notice or care that I was ,once again, wandering about in my pajamas in the early morning, taking photos. I am sure, at this point, they just think, "There's the weird pregnant lady that wanders around in her pajamas."

We settled around the table and ate our breakfast. Eric has the day off, so life is a bit more leisurely today. Listened to some Depeche Mode vinyl. Now I am thinking that a walk sounds like a great idea. What is your morning like?


Susan Struck said...

Lovely post again, but I am so disappointed we didn't get to see Eric in his hat. Maybe he could wear it to church Easter Sunday?

Enjoy a mellow day.

Victoria said...

Ahhh...I love a girl with a plan xoxo

Kate said...

The Mister will drink pure maple syrup. We keep blueberry agave AND syrup so if he takes more than his share, we can still have sweetness.

Anonymous said...

My morning was spent in bed sleeping.... I was hurting all night long, I twisted my hip mopping so I went to sleep to get rid of the pain instead of taking a gazillion painkillers! It's too bad because it was such a sunshiny day!

sara said...

i usually walk my dog in my pajamas. i hope my neighbors don't mind. oh well!

blueberry pancakes sound fabulous. now i know what i'll be making tomorrow morning :)

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