Thursday, May 31, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Living up this far north we get a late start to our gardening. We have to wait until the threat of a late season snowstorm is past before we can really get growing. My friend Rachel advised me that no planting should be done before Memorial Day or until the last snow on the mountain has melted. I admittedly started early this year and it was pure dumb luck that we didn't have a heavy storm in April, like we often do.

garden 1

I did manage to wait until Memorial Day to start my food garden. Eric and I set up a couple of raised beds on the lower level of our backyard. We hope to cultivate a great garden/ entertaining area down there as time rolls along, but the first step was to get these gardens going.

garden 2

I have long dreamed of a decent garden space and I finally have something that is really and truly my own to work with.This year I mostly planted foods that I am absolutely certain we will eat, but I hope to branch out a bit more in the years to come, to try some fun new foods as well.

garden 3

In early July, as long as I am not in labor, I plan to attend a little workshop on canning. I am really excited about all of this. What a great treat for me and such a fun learning experience for Cordelia as well. She has been really confused about how all of these seeds will someday be our food. I can't wait to see her little hands picking fresh fruit and veggies that she will help me to prep in the kitchen.

Do you garden? Any tips?


Anonymous said...

I grew up on a farm and we had a huge garden with all sorts of veggies, even corn! The best part was the weeding.... just kidding! The best part was going into the garden, grasping the leaves of a carrot, gently pulling it out of the ground, and brushing off the dirt with my hand...then eating it right there on the spot! So sweet those carrots were compared to store-bought ones!

Victoria said...

Looking good! Be sure to check your plants often for aphids and other leaf-biters...and remove them or the sick plant immediately...I'm just sayin' Have fun!

AKM said...

I was thinking about gardening just this morning on the way to work. I just don't know how to do it, and it breaks my mother's heart, as she calls it a "family tradition for the women in our family." I think part of the reason I don't do it is because I'm deathly afraid of finding snakes. Seriously. I flirt with the idea of just trying some hearty herbs in a small pot on the porch that would be hard to kill, but I'm not sure where to start with that, either. Oh, and I live in an apartment, of course. Hmm.

Canning's another thing that seems so cool and frugal and healthy. My grandma swears it couldn't be easier. I wish I'd helped her do it years ago when she would do it; she doesn't anymore. Perhaps Dad and I could do it at her house this fall and she could just hang out and supervise? :-)

AKM said...

Oh, and the rest of the thinking-about-gardening story from this morning...I actually thought about you and your mom! I was thinking of all the cool people who garden. Truly! :-)

Anne Marie said...

My veggie plants have been living in my greenhouse until time to plant outdoors. I just got my bell peppers in the ground this afternoon! 10 yellow bells, and 10 red bells. I will also grow yellow squash and cucumbers in the garden, but the plants are still a little small. Since they grow best with heat, I'll let them stay in the greenhouse a bit longer. This year, my tomatoes are staying in the greenhouse, and are in large pots. I have the best luck with my tomato crop when I do this, rather than having them in the garden. I think it must be because they really love heat too, and they do very well in pots.

Kirstens Kitchen said...

Lucky! A canning workshop!! My garden will have to wait another year, by the time I get home it will be past the planting season. Looking forward to seeing yours though :)

Garage Storage said...

Indeed a very interesting post. My garden is rewarding me very well. It looks really lovely. :)

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