Friday, May 25, 2012

Outside/ Inside

Outside it is a bit chilly. Yesterday was very rainy and today promises to be more of the same. I love the rain and so does our yard, it is so green. I have a bunch of seedlings which are awaiting transplant into our new raised bed gardens!!!


virginia creeper


Inside we are feeling the last (?) blast of the heater until fall. We are doing a little reading of library books. Some friends are expected for a play date in just a short while. Should be a lovely morning.



What are you up to?


Anne Marie said...

Ah, Mike Mulligan and Mary Anne! Does Cordelia enjoy their story? I fell in love with that book when I was very small. I still own a copy. I've read it to about a zillion kids over the years; first my own, and then many others when I worked at the school. Good memories!

Anonymous said...

Cordelia is cute hiding herself behind the book. Libraries are such a gift for learning youngsters. Do you also read to your daughter in the belly?

Victoria said...

Have a lovely weekend!!

Emily said...

Reading is the best on a cool, rainy day! Here in OK it is muggy and hot. The sky off to the west looks dark and the clouds look heavy, so we may get rain later on. I like to think it is coming down from Wyoming like a gift to us!

Maria Rose said...

Roxanne, I read to Cordelia many many books a day. While I don't specifically read to my belly I am sure she is getting to hear lots of it. Also, in a semi-related note, the baby has started responding to Cordelia's voice!

AKM said...

Yes, love Miss Cordelia hiding behind the book! Hee hee!

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