Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Pregnant Lady

pregnant ponderings

The other day I was out in a professional manner. Cordelia was at home with her father. I was, to the stranger, just a professional woman out with her colleagues. What I had forgotten was that I have a large protuberance in the form of a pregnant belly that tells people something else entirely. I am literally a mother first. I am full of life, carrying this little growing person in front of me. While there are points in the day where my attention is directed elsewhere I can almost forget the fact that I am pregnant, but for most people it is the first and only thing they know of me.

While I was at this work related event I happened to be introduced to someone new and I thought she asked, "What do you do?"  I started to tell her that I teach a couple of courses for the college, that I am an artist, a writer, a blogger, a stay at home mother...but before I could launch into all of that my colleague interrupted me and said, "I think she asked, when are you due?"

It was at about that point that I recalled one of the strange metamorphoses of pregnancy, the point when one becomes the pregnant lady. Now, before I go on please know that this isn't something that troubles me as this phase only lasts a short while. Perhaps this would be an issue if I were going to be pregnant for all time, but it is just a season of my life so I am kind of enjoying the strange perspective it affords me.

Anyway, I realize that at this moment I am a pregnant lady first and foremost. I may have spent a lifetime cultivating my talents, skills and interests, but none of that matters right now. I think it is pretty amazing how people are willing to connect with me over this one detail that really has little to do with me as an individual. When people talk to me they tell me of their own pregnancy experiences, those of their friends, their family, etc. With the exception of horror stories I am happy to hear more because I think it means I get the rare opportunity to learn more about others. I suppose, in some ways, pregnancy is a great occasion to connect as a human rather than as my profession, talent, hobby, etc. I also get the self-indulgent chance to marvel at the miracle of human growth and development with people that I have known forever and with total strangers alike.

For the next little bit I get to just be the pregnant lady and I plan to appreciate it. The little kindness' of others who hold the door, smile at my stomach, give me a friendly nod, lift things for me, just ask me how I am doing....they are all reminders that I am carrying another person into a world that is good.


AKM said...

I think it must be a wonderful, amazing thing to be The Pregnant Lady. And you wear it well. ;-)

singlemama said...

I love this post. :)

Christina Lowry said...

A wonderful sentiment and reminder. :)

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