Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Around the House: Projects and Acquisitions

I can't say if it is due to my new found freedom now that I am done teaching until fall or if it is pregnancy/nesting related, but I have been a whirling dervish of craftiness. Most of my craftiness has been related to the home and improving our space so I suspect that it is probably more nesting related than anything. Perhaps it is because I realize that from July-October I am going to be spending a lot of time at home and I don't want to sit around and think about all of the stuff I need to do and won't be able to. Who knows?

Then, in addition to the home projects, we have had a few amazing finds as well so our house has made a few jumps that we are excited about.

So here is a little show and tell from my recent projects and acquisitions. I promise that I will keep this limited to just a few selections as my craft projects are too many to cover in one go. I will try and share some tutorials over the coming days and weeks.

Do you remember this post? Near the end of the post I asked for some help in choosing a paint scheme for my hutch. I decided to tackle the project in increments, so I started by painting just the interior. I chose a baby blue that we had left over from painting the basement bathroom. I am all about using what you have, plus I like to have colors and themes repeat throughout the house...a little continuity and good flow in my opinion.


We removed the glass panels, opened the windows and I started painting the hutch. Once I was done I was mighty pleased with the result. Eric really likes it as is and I think I should paint the rest of the hutch white. What do you think?

While I had the paint out I looked around the room, searching for something else to paint. I painted a frame (not shown) and then I spotted our ugly door stop. The door stop is one of those rods that you put in a sliding glass door as an additional lock or something. Anyway ours was super ugly and boring.


I painted it white first. Then, when that was dry, I taped it off randomly and painted over it in blue.

[painted post

The results aren't going to change my world or anything, but it just made my home a bit more of my own. Plus I am a firm believer that it is those little touches that truly make a space.

Speaking of little touches. We were given these wonderful mid-century salt and pepper shakers. Cute huh?!

salt and pepper

Another mid-century gift, given to me by Victoria while we were in NM is this great planter. I added some succulents and really find is quite charming. Goes right with our style!


Finally, the big finish....a few years ago we found these chairs in Denver. We grabbed them and since that point have been looking for a matching table. We certainly could have purchased a new table, but we knew that eventually one would find us. So we just had to bide our time. Well, that day finally arrived. We purchased this table and 4 more chairs at an estate sale for almost nothing---actually the cost was just a donation to the humane society so it was a double victory. WOOO!

table and chairs

So, there you have it a little update on recent projects and acquisitions.


affectioknit said...

I love the blue cabinet - that's perfect!

~Have a lovely day!

Anne Marie said...

So many fun things! Love the table and chairs! I think I agree with Eric about the hutch. It's perfect the way it is now, with the blue and the wood.

Tahra said...

I can't imagine that hutch with white,,because I like the dark wood with blue. Also, I'd like to come have some cookies at your kitchen table sometime. It looks lovely in there!

Victoria said...

Ohhhhh! Love what you have done with the darling planter!!! I am SO glad you spotted it in my, ah..em, studio ;) Love the inside of the cabinet. How about painting the front of the drawers and doors with the aqua and leaving the outside frame wood? And that table! What a score!!! Can't wait to see what's next! xo

elizabeth said...

what fun! i've been cleaning out and organizing . . . not "nesting" - just nesting into our little home more and more. :)

and i like the hutch as is - but i like Victoria's idea, too. :) i'm thinking about doing something similar to a mid century piece i have . . . i also took the legs off mine to make it fit our not-mid-century home better. :)

Anonymous said...

My recent acquisition is a S shaped coffee table. Weird.
I do love the look of the blue and dark wood colors! On the cabinet.

Rachel said...

What a great table and chairs!! Really great!! And I'm suddenly craving some milk and cookies! =)

Anonymous said...

I love the milk and cookies photographs on your wall!! and i thinks that i would like the hutch painted the remainder white :) but either way I'm sure it would look fabulous

E xx

AKM said...

Hmm, I like the hutch as-is -- and LOVE the color you picked! -- but it would look quite pretty in white as well. Guess I'm no help with this one. ;-)

Darling table and chairs! AND the money went to HS! Too cool.

The Wonder said...

why won't you allow right clicks??

Maria Rose said...

I don't allow right clicks as a few years back someone was copying my blog...

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