Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rain in May

Yesterday was mostly overcast. The clouds hung low and seemed to be slinking over the tops of our mountain only to stall and gather force. Early afternoon the sun broke out for a minute, but all one had to do was cast a wary eye to the hills and it was clear that it was just a matter of time until the clouds would unleash a storm. Throughout the course of the afternoon there were a few rumblings of thunder, but it seemed to be idle threats like a cranky old man complaining about the long checkout line at a grocery store.

It wasn't really until late afternoon that the clouds made good on all of their promises and they didn't disappoint. The winds picked up. The thunder crashed. There were even some flashes of lightning, but that was mostly for show I think. Then, when the production was over we were delighted by a rain that was heavy at first and slowly softened into a mellow shower.

Once the threat of lightning was truly past I decided that it was time to head outside for a bit to let the rain fall on us. I wanted to watch my girl enjoying the simple pleasure of a late spring rain. She didn't disappoint, in fact she reminded me of one of the reasons that I wanted to be a parent in the first place. I got to watch her wonder at the world. The simple joy she found in sticking out her tongue to catch raindrops. Hands held to the sky as though the rain was falling only for her, perhaps it was.


rain on branch


rain on bench

touching rain

wet tree

wet vines

The simple beauty of quiet moments between a girl and the rain.


Kirstens Kitchen said...

The foot rain print is really cool! The sweet smell of spring :)

Susan Struck said...


Carmen said...

Those are my favorite photos - rain footprints :) I'm happy to see others take them too :)

Victoria said...


Anne Marie said...

I wasn't nearly as joyful about being out in the rain yesterday. I'm glad your sweet girl had a fun time!

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