Friday, May 18, 2012

T Minus 59 Days...and Counting

Soooo I am officially due in less than 2 months now. Wait, am I due or is it the baby? Or both of us? I am not really sure, anyway a baby is going to be here in 2 months. I mean I guess you could argue that she is already here as she is very much a constant presence in our lives. Anyway, I have been getting requests for another updated photo of my burgeoning belly. So here you go. If you think I am looking a bit earth mother-y then you wouldn't be wrong.

pregnant 2

Here are the stats of this pregnancy:

Craving: Vegan sweets. I want cookies, cakes, cupcakes, anything sugary. So far I am managing to control the urge to go bananas and I am just giving myself a little indulgence every day. I am still craving fuzzy navels and champagne, but obviously that isn't an option for quite some time.

Pregnancy Style: Muumuu chic. I am totally over maternity pants. I pretty much just want to wear a giant t-shirt at all times. Thankfully it is summer and I am content enough to wear dresses. I try to overcompensate for my lack of general style by accessorizing, but I think I am probably not fooling anyone.

Physically Feeling: Pretty good. I am on track with weight gain and all of my check-ups and tests are perfect. Of course I am feeling a little trapped in my own skin and am now beginning to feel the strains on my legs, feet and back. Thankfully I have a very sweet husband who will give me foot rubs...not that I give him much choice in the matter.

Emotionally Feeling: Tremendous gratitude. I am so excited to have our completed little family. To meet our little lady. I wonder constantly about the person she will be.

Baby is: Moving constantly. I didn't even know an unborn baby could be this active. I swear she is still for about 2 hours a day, tops.

How are you doing today?


Anonymous said...

Muumuu chic is the best way to stay comfortable during pregnancy and aren't you glad you are doing this "thang" in the summer?

Victoria said...

You look great! Wish I were there to make vegan cupcakes for you! Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

aw you look so sweet!

Hello Lindello said...

Yes to the mumuchic! I love it.
You look AMAZING!!

Carmen said...

You are looking fantastic :)

Tammie said...

ooh im so glad everything is going well with thte pregnancy. you look great!

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