Monday, May 14, 2012

Small Town, Giant Things

We spent the weekend in Dubois, WY (now before you read further please note that the residents of this small town insist it is pronounced dew-boyz---I know, whatever). Eric had a work conference and Cordelia and I decided to tag along for the fun of it. The population of the town is 971 so I think you get a picture of what I mean when I say small town!

We stayed at the Twin Pines Lodge in an absolutely charming little cabin. We had a very relaxed visit, but while we were there we noticed one strange thing about this very small town....they have a lot of large stuff. Spotting the oversize offerings became something of a sport for us. I am here to report back to you with our findings...

Giant Jackalope (for you non-westerners jackalope = antelope + jack rabbit). This bad boy was located out front of a convenience store, vegans should never never enter that store.

Large black bear giving a ferocious welcome outside of an inn.

Giant fish and fishing reel in front of gas station

Monster elk outside of the KOA

Giant birthday cake for the 10th anniversary of the town library.

A giant cow skull over the entrance of a laundromat.

I wonder if this phenomena is specific to Dubois (dew-boyz) or if it is something that happens in other small towns. Further investigation is required.

Oh and I don't know how this fits with the theme, but I just felt like sharing.

We really loved the unique and personalized touch that the residents of Dubois (dew-boyz) brought to their town.


Anonymous said...

How cute! I am sure they try to compensate for being small towns by having huge statues!
And the last's a giant shark caravan!

Victoria said...

This is hilarious!

Rachel said...

My favorite is the cow skull you walk through when going to clean your dirty undies!! =)

Stacy said...

PA has a town with the same name, pronounced the same....

Mason-Jezek Journal said...

I am almost 100% certain that huge fish was outside my dad's sporting goods store in Lander when I was little. I remember when the shop closed they sold it...and vaguely remember going to Dubois and seeing it there. Although it has been painted to look like a trout, it used to look like a carp. Oh Wyoming, how small and connected you are.

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