Thursday, May 17, 2012

Preparing for Baby: Oh Nesting


The strange and overpowering drive to nest is always present in my heart. I love to make a place my own, any place. I am particularly fond of those little details that really make a place. You know those small choices like doorknobs and heating vents that an individual can make that seem to have a bigger impact than perhaps a large statement like the color of a room. So I suppose it is no surprise that pregnancy nesting, which is really kicking into full gear now is all about the details. Here are a few projects, both practical and impractical, that I am working on or hope to complete before our newest little one arrives:

  • I am painting the handles to the fridge with orange nail polish. The process is rather tedious, but I am pretty happy with the results thus far, pictures will be forthcoming. I am sure that the new baby will appreciate this effort...
  • Deep cleaning of the whole house, weekly.
  • Purging of all unnecessary items. We do this regularly, but I am doing it with the intensity of a serious librarian organizing a card catalog. I am doing each room, each nook, each cranny.
  • The result of the aforementioned purging is that I have a LOT of stuff to get out. I have decided to throw a little exchange party with a few girlfriends and whatever we don't trade we will donate.
  • I need to make a family tree painting for baby number 2. Do you remember this one? I think I should probably have one on hand when our 2nd little lady arrives. Any ideas? I want the painting to go with the first, but have its own unique flair. I am thinking garden. Have you got an idea?
  • Preparing the baby room. I think we have most things we really need (the list is much shorter this time around), now I just need to make room for baby number 2. I don't think we will have her sleep in the same room with Cordelia for quite some time, but all of her stuff will be in the same room. ___We decided that we want the girls to share a room rather than have their own space for now.
  • I have a loong list of household chores that include everything from re-finishing the cabinets and counter-tops in the kitchen to new light fixtures to staining the back deck and so on. Who knows how much of this we will actually get to as none if it actually matters.
  • Preparing Cordelia for all of the change that is to come.  We have been talking to her about it and have plans to include her, but I think no amount of preparation will really take the edge off of the complete change that comes with a baby.Any advice?
  • I have been finishing off unfinished projects in the craft room. It is kind of like a breath of fresh air to have the craft room (OK it is really the guest room with my crafts stashed in the closet) clearing out.
  • Working on my lesson plans for fall. I know I won't have the time or energy to put in 100% to lesson planning when the new semester arrives one month after baby does. I am combating this by having every detail in order (or at least that is the plan) before July.
  • Yard work and gardening. I have been busting my hump outside and I love it...even though I make embarrassing groans when I have to bend over. Ahh, the glamor of pregnancy.
  • I get to make some new art as we have some shows on the horizon and I don't want to miss out due to exhaustion/distraction.
Oh good grief I know there is surely more. What would you add to the list?


Anonymous said...

With the family tree, I think a garden would be a nice change, rather than a "tree" I mean, with flowers or vegetables.
Adding to the list is kind of cruel because you have a lot going on there already!

Victoria said...

How about a flower garden, with names along the stems/in the bud of the flower? I agree with Roxanne...'nough on the "to do" list! Good things though! The only thing I would add is to cook ahead and freeze some meals if possible. xo

Carmen said...

Making some freezer meals :). As for Cordelia a gift for her for when you come home from the hospital. This worked well for Grace with Aidan. Also I'll be making a nursing box this time for Aidan. A box of things he only gets to see when I'm nursing the babe. I'm also thinking of making some sweets and freezing them so I have them on hand when people come to visit.

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