Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bird Trail

Yesterday it occurred to me that there are some upsides to having two vehicles; I can take Cordelia to see new places and do new things that would otherwise be out of walking distance. She and I loaded up into The Kraken and headed to the foothills in order to check out the local Audubon center. There is a little cabin with nests and other educational materials.



Cordelia was able to really take a good look and then was even lent a pair of binoculars for bird spotting. After checking out the scene there we hit the trail ourselves.


The trail is absolutely beautiful and easy enough that a toddler can navigate it also.


Cordelia led the way. She is a natural leader I believe.


The trail winds its way back and forth over Garden Creek. On the way over she would wait by each bridge to hold my hand as she cautiously crossed, but by the return trip she was brave enough to go at it alone.

smelling flowers

The air was absolutely alive with chirps, calls and song.The birds were a bit fast for her to see with her binoculars, but she inspected the  bugs and flowers. She actually told me to "Stop and smell those flowers." I was more than happy to oblige.




Mostly we just took our sweet time. We meandered along the trail, taking in the sights and smells in absolutely no rush. I let her guide the exploration and gave her some space to check it all out on her own or to include me if she felt so inclined.



birds at feeder

It was wonderful!


Susan Struck said...

Your photos are remarkable! Also, just a suggestion, but I think you may have to quit calling her a toddler and move on to a preschooler. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

what a fun adventure you two had! and i love Cordelia's dress and hat! so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Susan... definition of a toddler - Toddler is a common term for a child from the ages of one to three years old, although some may consider a toddler as to be between two and five.
To me, personally, a toddler is between one and three years old, at four years old a child is a preschooler...
But to each their own thoughts...

Emily said...

The butterfly photo is awesome! And so are all the cute pics of Cordy. Just think, soon enough you'll get to take two little girls off to explore!

Victoria said...

Slowing down and exploring the world with your precious, the unexpected perk of motherhood!

AKM said...

She DOES seem to be on the toddler/preschooler line. And always precious.

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