Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Project: Nail Polish on Major Appliances

I feel the need to preface the following rant with a disclaimer. I am not a conspiracy theorist in general, just with regard to the nail polish industry and the veggie dog/bun industries....anyway.

Several years ago I painted my toenails a bright ruby red. I felt super cute with my red toenails winking out from my peep toe pumps. I had long since given up painting my fingernails as the polish crumbled away when I so much as glanced at them. So, I resigned myself to toenail painting as that seemed to stay put much longer. Don't worry I am getting to the project in my own good time. I enjoyed my red toenails for a certain length of time and then decided that it was time to go natural for a bit. When I removed the polish I discovered that the red had discolored my toenails to a freakish and sickly yellow color, not unlike the color you'd imagine to find on a jaundiced toenails of someone on their deathbed. I gasped in horror and called my nurse mother, afraid that I had some toe fungus. She informed me that some polish just discolors the nail. Her advice was to paint over it until it grew out. I was pretty sure that this was a conspiracy created by nail polish companies to keep women buying. So I refused to cover it up and swore off the polish altogether. Two years later (toenails grow slooow) my normal toenails were fully recovered and not a drop of the polish had touched my keratin covered phalanges since then. I gave away all remaining polish and lived a more simple life.

So, what does any of this have to do with the project heading of this post? Well....I broke down about a month ago and bought some polish, after many many years of being polish free, with a different plan in mind. You see when we bought our house we inherited some appliances that most likely share a birth year with us. Our refrigerator is still working, but it has a seriously limited lifespan. We plan to replace it in due time, but we are in no hurry at this point. With that in mind I decided that I had free reign to do whatever to the fridge. I looked it over and wondered how I could jazz it up a bit. It hit me that I could paint the handles of the fridge with nail polish. So I picked up some polish and set to work.

before 1

before 2

I will say that this project took a lot longer than anticipated. I had to paint the handles with about 30 zillion coats of polish and I will probably add more still. With that said I think I like it better that I did before.

after 1

after 2

Just makes things a bit more personalized don't you think?


Emily said...

I like the pop of orange! It definitely spruces it up!

Anonymous said...

From the picture it looks like wood... LOL You make ordinary things so much more exciting when you have a mind to "spruce things up"!
It gives the rest of us "boring" folks ideas!

Susan Struck said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

how fun! i love the tangerine color! way to go:)

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