Tuesday, June 12, 2012

By The River

sun through trees

I am not really sure what it is about water----well, beyond its usefulness in sustaining human life---but I am always happiest when I am near a body of water. Lake, river, the ocean it doesn't really matter to me. I have a healthy respect for water as I am not the best swimmer in the world...oh and you should see my diving abilities, legendary!


Anyway, around this time of year we often spend a lot of our evenings following along the river trail somewhere in our community. Last night we loaded our crew up and took a family walk down by the river. My walking is a bit slower and lacking in my normally abundant grace and dignity.



on walk

We sauntered along, answering a zillion questions for Cordelia, letting Bumblebee greet a corgi named Abraham Lincoln, and enjoying the view. We strolled until we were bombarded by a freak cloud of baby moths and had to hustle away from the trail. We decided to continue on to the park and let Cordelia enjoy a little more of the evening.


little girl in garden hat

How did you spend your night?


Anonymous said...

same here -- there's something about water that just melts the stress away! you daughter is precious:) thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

The kids played in the front yard, rode their bikes, and "helped" water the flowers while Mike and I cleaned out and organized our garage. It was hot and muggy and we were dripping in sweat, but it felt good to get that project done and the kids had plenty of outdoor time.
Random fact: My aunt and uncle have a corgi named Abraham. Not Lincoln, but the one in the Bible. Still, thought it was worth mentioning.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I spent the day with my mom and I will be doing a collage of pictures of where we went and what we did on Facebook. It will take up a few moments of my time to do it but it will be worth it for my mom... She'll love it!

Anonymous said...

i love being by water, as well. love it so much. maddie does, too. she wants to build a pond in our yard. someday! with a small waterfall (fountain) to keep it fresh and clean and beautiful.

yesterday evening, ben helped some friends move a roof off a garage to a new building site.

i worked on a new rock garden.
maddie helped me.
isaac rode his bike.

it was a gorgeous evening! sunshine, not humid, just warm enough.

love seeing the pictures of you and your family. you inspire me to be thankful and happy. :)

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