Friday, June 29, 2012

Smile Train and Andy

Do you remember that I told you our friend Andy Mason was here this week? Well after several days of great shows he is about to leave us and return to New Mexico and to his wonderful gal Anne (she couldn't be here this week, booo). I didn't want to let the week end without sharing a few photos from his concerts.

 andy with c watching
Cordelia has the bun in case you were trying to spot her.

Andy pointing

andy standing/singing

Cordelia had an amazing time at the shows we attended, as did all of the other kids. She sang, danced, and yelled, "GO ANDY!"

Also, I wanted to take a moment to ask you to check out this video (below). Andy has been working to promote this great song he wrote and the video as a way to entice you into helping out the Smile Train---a group that gives free cleft surgeries to children. So far Andy and his fans have raised enough money to give 7(!) children the life changing surgery. Please take a moment to watch the video (Cordelia and I are in it) and pass it along! Thanks.


Susan Struck said...

I should have just asked you to guest post today as we did the same surprise I guess.

Anonymous said...

aw so fun! and his guitar is sweet!

Carmen said...

Cleft lip palate surgeries are so amazing. Glad you guys had a great week - hopefully he didn't catch the bug!

AKM said...

I just gave an Andy shout-out/recommendation to Musical Merry-Go-Round, the family-music show on our local indie station, KDHX! I don't know if he's every been featured/played on there -- I just discovered them myself on Saturday -- but they should definitely be playing his stuff!

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