Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Strange Dream

I don't think there is any way around it, the weather has been hot here. Very hot. The whole town has an added vibe of eerie-ness with the thick layer of smoke that has settled over our community. While we aren't dealing with fires in the same sense that Colorado is we are still paying the price for a mild winter and an early spring. There have been a few rather large fires around our community, leaving the town in a strange golden haze.

Cordelia asked me why the sky looked "kinda dumpy" yesterday and I tried my best to explain smoke to her...not sure how well I communicated that idea. Anyway, the heat and the haze have left everything with a strange dream-like quality. I have a bit of that feeling like I just can't quite wake from a dream. Very unusual mood going on here in Wyoming.


Yesterday evening, in an attempt to cool down and clear our heads we decided to head up to the waterfall for a quick look around. So we all piled into The Kraken --Cordelia has taken to calling it "Daddy's girl truck"-- and took ourselves up above the layer of smoke that seems to have settled in snugly over our community. Rising above the town the sun was slanting in golden rays through the smoke and adding to the beautiful dreamy mood.

We parked the car in the shade of pine trees and hopped out. The air was instantly cooler, even though we were only 10 minutes from home. We could hear Garden Creek and feel its cool. So nice. Interestingly there was some odd photo shoot going on...something involving a girl dressed like Lara Croft Tomb Raider and carrying a bejeweled skull. Now that made the whole day seem even more like a bizarre dream!

We made our way up the short trail to the waterfall, stopping regularly as Cordelia picked up one rock and then switched it out for another.


The moon hung over the cliff edge, winking at us from a zillion miles away. The water cooled us down and muddied little feet.

E and C

A quick trip up and back, but just enough to shake us from what seemed like a day of sleep walking.


Is it hot and/or smokey where you are?


Anonymous said...

It has been raining at night here, cooling things off during the day. Last week was humid and muggy. Day and night!

Anne Marie said...

Yes, on both counts. Because of the smoke, last night we were treated to quite a view of a blood-red moon. It was both gorgeous and eerie.

Emily said...

Hot, yes. Smokey, no. Temps will be over 100 degrees here all week. These wicked hot days seem to come out of nowhere each summer, then stick around for awhile like a house guest that has way overstayed their welcome.

Anonymous said...

aww, so cute. i'm glad you guys found some relief from the heat!

Anonymous said...

Here in Brittany we would love some hot weather , it seems to have been raining and and off for the past six weeks , We have no veg growing it is too cold for the seeds to germinate and we are getting a little stir crazy with this weather . Love seeing the pictures of Cordelia my grand children are in England so I dont see them vey often .

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