Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just a Little Different

The thing about kids is that they are totally into even the smallest change in routine. Cordelia is thrilled when a lollipop changes her tongue to a different color, or when we do something just outside of normal. Recently she and I were working in the garden, it was a beautiful day. We were having a lovely time and I thought that we could just mix it up a bit and eat our lunch outside. Cordelia was completely overjoyed. Why do we let go of that thrill as we age? Boo to that!

c and b


my lunch

Anyway, I prepped a little lunch for us gals and we enjoyed a little open air dining. Nothing major, nothing fancy----but it was something special.

How do you do keep things interesting for your kids or yourself?


Anonymous said...

We all forget the little things that make life interesting, because we, as adults are consumed by routine and doing things "right". Then comes the children and they "upset" our little world so much that we enjoy LIFE again... I would love to eat outside in a backyard with trees and gardens and flowers and just plain fresh air! Enjoy this type of "eating out" often during the summer. I think it's the healthiest!

Rachel said...

these little ones remind us what is really important! =) Cordelia looks super styling with her hat & glasses and I have been eyeing that table/chair set at Target for awhile. it's a great color!

Anonymous said...

i love Cordelia's dress! green polka dots are adorable for summer! thanks for sharing!

Susan Struck said...

simply lovely

Emily said...

Change is refreshing! I think you have to be willing to go with flow and be flexible. And indoor picnic on a rainy day? Well, sure! An impromptu walk to the park? Ok! It makes everyone feel better to switch things up a bit every now and then.

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