Tuesday, August 21, 2012

These Summer Nights

The summer has been passing us by far too quickly. I am already noticing that the days are much shorter. Our cottonwoods each have a few yellow leaves beginning to pop up. Yesterday I even noticed that the squirrel who lives in the tree in our front yard has started to make  his (her...who cares squirrels are genderless and terrifying to me) nest in our tree, as evidenced by the mess of leaves and twigs dumped in the driveway.I think that swift passing of summer is due, in large part, to Elise's arrival and the ensuing baby fog that is just starting to lift. So now we are trying to soak up this last month or so before the Wyoming winds start to pick up and carry in the fall weather. Last night we went for a nice family walk through our neighborhood and then hung out in the backyard until the sun set.

poor dog
Bumblebee tried her hardest to play with  a Frisbee in spite of her cone. For the record she has only a small mystery wound on her back hip, but she is an obsessive licker so the cone becomes a necessity.

around Bee
So we decided to bring the Frisbee play to her.

stacked frisbee

We wandered around the yard. Cordelia ate some vegan coconut vanilla ice cream and picked a couple of grape tomatoes from the garden.

Eric and I passed around Elise as we took turns playing and just hanging out in the near perfect evening temperatures.



I can't help but soak in these days that are so few in our lives. Our young family complete, healthy, happy and together.


affectioknit said...

Poor Bumblebee...good thing she has such sweet playmates...

~Have a lovely day!

Susan said...

Such great photos!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post today. These evenings really have been lovely.

elizabeth said...

we sat at our picnic table this evening and ate our supper and watched our chickens and breathed fresh air.

then ben played 500 with the kids. :)

i think that is a very "basset" thing, licking and worrying sores. ben's mom used to have a basset/lab cross and whenever he got a sore he would lick and lick and lick until ben's mom found some creative way to stop him.

hopefully bumblebee can stop wearing the cone soon!

Emily said...

Lady, you are skinny! You certainly bounce back beautifully after pregnancy! And yes, we're in that phase of soaking in the last summer weeks. Although here, the real fall-like weather doesn't start until late October/early November.

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