Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Three Months with Elise

Three months. I think that is a magical number. So much has changed. Life has gotten much easier, more predictable, more manageable. I may still look frazzled and confused, but I feel much more normal. Gone are the days of colic.

elise 3 months

I am chronicling Elise's monthly growth in my blog. You can check out month 1 and 2 by clicking the number.

Over the course of the last month Elise has:
  • had her first laughter! What a joy to hear her hearty little chuckle. Eric and I were both on had to witness the event...though it was me who made her laugh. I am hilarious fyi. Don't believe me? Just ask my baby.
  • continued to sleep so well at night. Seriously, baby jackpot. Goes to bed around 8, wakes up for 10 minutes around 5:30 and then more sleep until 8ish!
  • learned to stand up. Of  course we help with balance, but she supports her own weight. She seems eager to stand. I am getting a sense that this little baby is so bored with baby stuff.
  • been gaining control of her wiggly hands.
  • shown us that she loves to see what is going on around here. She seems to be taking notes.
  • been very interested in her big sister. The feeling is mutual.
  • given smiles freely.
  • shown us some real personality!
elise 3 months
We are crazy about this little lady with crazy hair.


Kate said...

Our little one also hit her milestones Really early. She was crawling by 6 months and walking by 8 months, and we're fairly convinced it's because she was more interested in her ever=moving big brother than her doting parents.

Mom said...

She is so beautiful! You certainly do produce little girls with crazy hair...very different but both have heads of hair with a lot of character.

Victoria said...

…and crazy cute! Love her!

Anonymous said...

My child walked by the time he was 7 months... read by the time he was two. Was doing addition and simple math by the time he was 2 1/2... he could have been a genius but this was all because I played with him "educationally". Is that even a word? LOL

Michelle said...

Oh, I love these photos! Query: Did Eric have crazy dark baby hair?

I'm glad Elise still has hers!

Sarah Purdy said...

What a beautiful little girl you have. I could stare at that face all day long.

Anonymous said...


Clare said...

She is so lovely! So, my 16 year old girl is named Alyssa, with a small nod to Elise McKenna in Somewhere in Time. Have you ever seen it? Handsome Christopher Reeve, beautiful Jane Seymour, time travel,epic romance!!!! Anywhoo..and my maiden name was Ellis, so I love her name! Blessings to you and your wonderful family!

Maria Rose said...

Michelle, no Eirc's hair was not that dark. We both have brunettes in our family line so he may not get full credit for this style.

Clare, thanks we have not seen the movie. Seems we should now! We love the name too, simple, pretty, timeless.

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