Wednesday, November 7, 2012



I was recently gifted with this awesome book and I thought I'd like to give away another copy as this book is so great. While it isn't entirely vegan (I haven't found a good canning book that is all vegan) I hope you will, like me, gag as you quickly flip past the few  non-vegan recipes. Anyway, the book has loads of great information about home preservation of food. Interested?

Well, here is how you enter to win a copy of your own:
1) Follow this blog, just note if you are already following.
2) For additional entries blog about the giveaway, tweet, facebook, tell your computer savvy grandma, etc. Let me know what you've done in a comment.
3) Not very comfortable with any of that? Just tell me if you've ever done any home preservation if so, what?

Go forth! I will announce the winner next Monday!


Sue said...

I'm leaving a comment to see if I can as was having trouble. I hope it works now!

Sarah Purdy said...

I saw this book at your house the other night! Very cool! Sadly, I already have two canning books plus an entire set of canning supplies that I haven't used in three years. Someday I'll get back into it. If you'd like to borrow my copy of "Put "em up!" I'll bring it by. It's like canning for hipsters. Which I'm not, you know.

elizabeth said...

i love to make jams and jellies. especially strawberry and raspberry.

next summer i plan to have a garden of some sort, so i will hopefully have some things to preserve!

Kirstens Kitchen said...

I follow you! I made pickles..they are fun. Next summer I am going to try and make some pickled spicy beans..good in bloody mary's :)

Anonymous said...

I don't can anymore, we used to when we were growing up because we had a fresh vegetable and fruit garden.

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