Friday, November 30, 2012

Painting Cabinets Part 1

Two weeks ago I was coming up the basement stairs and as my gaze fell upon our kitchen cabinets, which were looking a bit like the cliffs of insanity, something snapped. I grabbed a paintbrush and a bucket of paint and quickly, before I could stop myself, I smeared paint onto our outdated cabinets. I was committed. I could no longer endure the gigantic laminate eyesore and we couldn't possibly afford new painting was the only option.

Eric and I had talked about painting those cabinets from day one. Over the course of a year and a half that we've been living here we have re-painted nearly every surface of this house...but those cabinets were so daunting. I mean first you have to take off every single cabinet door (we have 20 plus 10 drawers); handles, hinges, and all. Then there is the taping and sanding and layers of paint.

For some reason  in my moment of madness the other day I was willing to do it all before Christmas...hopefully much sooner. Then I panicked. What had I done? What a  huge commitment of time and energy. What if I messed it up? I mean look at this cell phone picture of the upper portion of the cabinet. Shabby chic is not my style.


Then I got over it because they are just cabinets for goodness' sake. Perspective.

I did not bother sanding because I don't like to sand. Thankfully the paint took to the ancient laminate and all it took was a zillion coats of paint. I have been working on it in increments and finally yesterday I was able to see a bit of progress. Sorry about the cell phone pic.


I could see that it will all work out! Soon our kitchen will be transformed. Soon I will show you real pictures of the finished product.

Do you have a big project you're working on?


Michelle said...

Aha! Another Princess Bride fan. Our family has watched it so many times we practically had it memorized and lines from it became part of our family vocabulary.

You are very brave taking on such a big project--and in Christmas month!

Kate said...

Looks good!

eLiZaBeTh said...

is that I pickle I see in the first picture??? I sure hope so. I am doing some work with a local pickle company (and that is owned by my friend)so I am very partial to pickles now :)

Our house is in the same boat. Most everything has been painted, but our poor kitchen is in a sad state. We never realize just how ugly it is until we have people over :)

affectioknit said...

...Very AWESOME!...I do love white cabinets!...

~Have a lovely day!

Soley said...

When I did our cabinets I used and awesome primer called Grippers or Grips or something like that...that stuff is magic. One coat, no sanding, one coat of paint.
My kitchen took me about 4 cabinet per weekend. We all survived!
Good luck.

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