Friday, November 9, 2012 Milk Party

Yesterday I was exhausted. Several nights with little sleep had left me red eyed and tired. I wanted to pass out in a heap of exhaustion, but I had two little ladies who needed some time and attention. I was faced with two options 1) Give in and call it "movie day" 2) Buck up and be a mom. I opted for the second choice.

tea set

So, I picked myself up by my bootstraps (I was technically shoeless) and got to it. I decided that the best choice was to just have some fun. So I set up a little tea party, soy milk and cookies, for us gals.



Cordelia took care of the guest list (Elise, Minnie Mouse and Foofa)




We used accents and good manners, with the exception of the time Cordelia sucked soy milk straight from the spout of the tea pot.


Later we hit up the library, took a walk, ran some errands and had a dinner indoor picnic. Then I passed out at 9pm!

How was your day?


Allen said...

Miss the tea parties!

Anja said...

I have been reading your blog for quite some time and been enjoying it a lot. I love how you take care of your family. I admire you for withdrawing your own wishes for the moment in order to be there for your children. I am about to become a mother and I get a lot of inspiration from you. Thanks for sharing some details of your family life.

elizabeth said...

yesterday - good.
today - slow. but that's ok, i think.

Susan said...

My day was busy but good. I love these photos!

Maria Rose said...

Anja, thank you!

Anonymous said...

I missed a tea party? I have a dress and hat and actually gloves! Too bad I live far away...

Emily said...

Looks like a fun party to me! Hope you are feeling more rested today!

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