Saturday, November 10, 2012

Four Months with Elise

Wow, we are 4 months into life with Elise. She has continued to grow, to show us that she has her own unique and distinctive personality.  She is intense, fiery, engaged, interested, eager to smile, ready to be a part of this world---in short we are crazy about her.

elise 4 mo

Read about months 1, 2, 3 by clicking the number

Over the course of the last month Elise has:
  • been able to roll front to back and back to front.
  • learned to make herself laugh.
  • played silly games to make her mother laugh. She likes to do these adorable kicks (hard to explain) to get a laugh.
  • continued to hate (with unending fury) any time spent in the car.
  • gained better control over those impossible appendages called hands. She can now grab, shake, pull.
  • learned to sit with support, but she'd really prefer to stand with momma's hands for balance.
  • made many expressive sounds. She coos, squeals, screams, razzes, bubbles, blabs.
  • shown us that she is so over being a baby. She wants to get up and go.
  • become even chubbier. Those cheeks!
  • shown real interest in music.
elise 4 mos


Clare said...

She is so lovely! The descriptions remind me of my first daughter (now 16) who just was not into all those baby things. Carseats, the onabilty to speak....because she just wanted to be a person!!!! ( And that person is a 4.5 gpa environmental group founding fundraising self imposed vegetarian)...pretty cool. My second daughter,( amazing 11 ) just as smart and
driven.....was a little more content just being a snuggly baby for a while. It is so amazing to witness
their lives get to be a part of it all. Thank you for sharing your stories!

Mom said...

She's so sweet! And, yes, that girl most certainly has some personality!

Kate said...

At 4 months, Dandelion learned to sit up, so we got her this killer play mat from these Really talented ladies. Maybe you've heard of them? Wyoming Rose. :)

Dandelion, too, hated the baby phase. She entered toddlerhood with her first steps at 8 months, but could get down from our bed safely at 5 or 6! (Thanks to Papa teaching her. I would have locked her up in my arms forever, I think, lol.)

Elise is quite the big personality.

eLiZaBeTh said...

Reese wailed non-stop during every car ride until about 5 months old. I totally feel your pain!

Elise is delightful :)

Tammie said...

she is super pretty.

(my word verification is laturd. ha! i think its french.)

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