Thursday, December 13, 2012


  • I have a problem with yarn. I have way too much of it. I crochet a lot, but my stash of yarn never seems to dwindle.
  • I don't like to wear logos.Why do I care? Because I think paying companies to advertise their product is akin to hiring a doctor to remove an arm and then using my own disembodied fist to punch myself. I will, on the other hand, gladly advertise for ketchup, pickles and Montana---free of charge.Yes, I do realize that a certain brand was all over yesterday's blog, but that is my husband's thing yo.
  • My first cat was named Lacey. I am kind of embarrassed that my first cat had a stripper moniker...all apologies to people named Lacey.
  • I am no fan of video games, but I am kind of awesome at Dr. Mario and Mrs. PacMan.
  • One of my front teeth is slightly wonky. Sometimes it catches my lip when I smile and the result is a strange grimace. So if you are the recipient of a strange grimace it is probably just that....unless you did something grimace worthy.
  • My childhood bedroom was pink as in the exact color of a certain bismol/bismuth. It was also decorated with blue sponged hearts.
  • I recently bribed Cordelia with pickle juice. She wasn't eating her meal and I said, "Eat your dinner and you can have a glass of pickle juice." She did and loved her pickle juice reward.
  • I sing in a very loud operatic voice when I am happy. Eric loves it most when I do this first thing in the morning. Cordelia thinks it is cool. Elise smiles when I do it, though she also smiles if I burp.
  • I love to walk barefoot outside in the grass, one of my favorite things in this world.

Do you have anything to confess?


Marie Roxanne said...

I love your confessions posts.... is that a good confession? LOL

Mom said...

Sorry about the yarn problem... no doubt it is genetic.

Sorry about the Pepto-Bismol walls topped with sponged, wait, I'm not sorry. At the time, you thought I was very cool, or so I thought, for doing that to your room.

Maria Rose said...

It was awesome mom! I wear that pink with pride!

Sarah Purdy said...

I love your confessions too. Mostly because it reminds me that behind that gorgeous, talented face of yours lies a dork just like me. ; > I love it. My walls were bright yellow and sunflower themed. It was a little intense first thing in the morning.

Emily said...

I used to teach at a Monetessori preschool and every single day there was a little girl who brought pickle juice to drink in her lunch. She and Cordy would be kindred spirits!

Amber Robbins said...

I could never leave stuffed animals alone by themselves. Each stuffed animal had to be with another stuffed animal so they didn't get lonely.

By the way, I love the comment about pickle juice! I read it aloud to Justin :)

Amber Robbins said...

When I was little stuffed animals could not be left by themselves. They had be by other stuffed animals so they wouldn't get lonely.

I loved the pickle juice comment! I read it aloud to Justin.

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