Thursday, January 17, 2013

Window Days


We've recently had a string of very cold days. The kind of cold that bites your skin and slaps your lungs with each inhalation. A cold that forces doors closed and has homeowners checking windows for leaks.

We've been drinking hot liquids and wearing sweaters and looking out the windows a lot. Cordelia looks out and wonders just how long it will be until she can get out in the snow to stomp around and throw snowballs. Bumblebee looks out and wonders if a walk is out of the question. I look out at my quiet flowerbeds and vegetable garden and I wonder if it is too early to start some seedlings.

What do you wonder about on window days?


Pam Brewer said...

I have been dreaming about seedlings as well.

Anonymous said...

Right now, we are -20 degrees Celsius I think it's -4 Fahrenheit. So it's COLD here too! On window days, I wonder where the warm weather went that we had just yesterday!I can hardly wait until I get to put on just one pair of pants instead two and one shirt instead of three!

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