Monday, March 18, 2013

Constant Motion

Have you ever tried to snuggle with a 3 year old? Unless said 3 year old is tired, injured, or watching something on TV a simple snuggle is pretty impossible. Kids that age never ever ever stop moving (or in Cordelia's case talking too). People often comment how they wished they had the energy of a kid because it seems unending, at least until 7pm when they hit a wall.

I often sit back and watch my oldest girl move around, rolling, twirling, dancing, flopping, jumping, running. She does it at a frantic pace and is often slightly out of breath from the effort. I wonder what life looks like at that pace. I know I was once there, but obviously I don't remember that process of endless motion.

You may recall that we bought Cordelia a camera for her birthday. She has taken hundreds of photos since then. Many of them are totally out of focus as she takes pictures while on the go and because the camera is super cheap. The thing we are noticing though are the details, the things that catch her eye, that make up her world: pictures of her family, friends, toys, her home. The best part is that they are all taken from such a low angle and often they are unposed images, just life as it appears to her.


Her toy dinosaurs, apparently she took this while log rolling

Her best friend Sadie


Elise and Me
Elise and me

There were so many pictures of her sister.

Ultimately the pictures are dizzying and tender memories of this time in her life. While we are probably not going to save each photo she has taken, there are a few that are just precious reminiscences of this time of constant motion.


Michelle said...

Cool post. One of the blessings of technology--that a three-year-old can have a camera and take as many photos as she wants. So different from the days of film, flashbulbs, developing and printing costs, etc. And she will be so comfortable with the camera that her photos will just get better and better. Keep snapping, Cordelia!

Mom said...

I love that idea.

Sarah Purdy said...

I love looking at these pictures!

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